Gary Rinsem


Title Page
(books always have a title page)

If you read any of Delight then I suggest reading it all. The end returns you to the beginning.
Delight is not available in words. The words you read here are irrelevant. Delight is thought. It is a mental process which the words will hopefully encourage. Perhaps through boredom.
Communication is three levels deep and results in at least a fourth individual level. Delight is piled on in levels, you need to keep them all alive while exploring. Therein lies Delight. I'm trying here to bring on the Psychedelia slowly. It is a required part of Delight.
I've tried the messages using numerous vehicles, but none have really done what I want. Oogh & Whu and the Grey Dudes are my best attempt ever. They're here to enjoy if you can see the point of it. (and the challenge)