Gary Rinsem

Kachina Theater

Kachina Theatre
4305 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Kachina Theater 5-29-1969
2001 played for 25 weeks and I wasn't allowed to see it because it depicted apes evolving into humans. A fact which my mother's religion denied, so I was denied.

Kachina Theater 1963

Kachina Theater 1985
The rounded appearance of the ticket booth is cute. Not certain why it looks that way, just lighting I guess. All lit up at night so you can see the interior. As a kid I recall looking in when our car passed by, and drooling over candy from the snack bar.

Kachina Theater 1985

Kachina Theater 1989
The front facade doesn't match reality. Somebody spent time to create this fake publicity picture. The Kachina was demolished soon after.

Kachina Theater 11-10-1960
Opening Night

Kachina Theater 4-10-1961
Three pages below are from something called "Boxoffice." A magazine?