Gary Rinsem

Followed By 123
Written in 1982

I still notice 123 in 2020, but only in a nostalgic way since the mid 70s. This text just makes me smile at the memory of my innocence while trying to understand it.
My bunk is number 123. It's a small tag so I didn't notice at first, but got another creepy feeling when I saw it. I counted because it didn't appear there are that many bunks in the berthing compartment. I was right, only 117 bunks total. Maybe some were removed, I haven't figured it out yet. The bunk numbers start at 1 and stop at 129.

Vicki's apartment number was 123. Another creepy feeling I didn't mention, because people won't understand that I'm not superstitious about it.

I was in company 123 in boot camp. We constantly had to write 123 on paperwork and it was used in multiple cadence calls while marching. It was creepy. I smiled.

A few years ago I was at a stop light and noticed the license number ahead ended in 123. I smiled, but thought nothing of it. 123 is a number, it's going to be used on license plates and this one had nothing to do with me. It simply reminded me of my friend, the number 123.

The street light changed, I accelerated and was stopped by lights and siren behind me. The cop's badge number ended in 123. It got worse, the ticket number ended in 123.

Senior year of high school I had locker 123. It creeped me out, I already had that locker freshman year. It was a repeat of my 7th and 8th grade locker number, at a different school.

Eighth grade I was assigned locker 123 for the second year. I noticed nobody changed lockers from seventh grade so it wasn't significant for me to have 123 twice.

When given locker 123 in seventh grade, I didn't have the sophistication to keep it in perspective. I spent the year creeped out whenever I opened my locker.

Before seventh grade there had been many coincidental occurrences of 123. At that age I was suspicious, but never superstitious about it.

123 is partly coincidence and partly my sensitivity to it, causing me to notice. Nothing more.

With so many events in our lives each day, the suspiciousness would be a lack of coincidences like this. The happening of them is mandatory. Smile each time and be reminded that you're experiencing life.

Why did I write this in reverse chronological order? Because I added to it weeks after the first paragraph, which was expected to be all I'd write. BB didn't really understand with only the first paragraph.