Gary Rinsem

Seemingly Angelic

My friend wasn't what he appeared to be. In 1972... My friend began sharing the things he did. They were his secrets, but sharing with me made them more exciting for him. Here's a few examples. I've told BB about this before and they're the only people to read my journal, so I guess I'm not betraying my old buddy.
We'd known each other since fourth grade and this was seventh grade, so for three years we were best friends and he kept himself completely hidden from me. In seventh grade he began sharing. It started with something odd that he was secretly doing, but it was actually harmless. I stopped at his house each morning to ride bikes to school together. We often stopped at the store for penny candy, but this day he was in a hurry to get to school. He was ridding his bike standing up, claiming that he had to go and it was sticking out. He didn't want to smash it in his underwear. At school we rushed to the boys room where he asked me to stand guard outside the door. It seemed a bit strange, but I agreed to yell if anyone was going in. When he came out he had a giant smile on his face and insisted that I go in to look at something. He showed me a urinal with the biggest turd I'd ever seen sitting in the bottom. There were rumors for months about somebody doing this, but I never thought it was my friend.
One morning he led the trip to school by a different route. We went through the townhouse development where he stopped his bike and looked over a fence. He picked up a rock and threw it over the fence, breaking a bedroom window on the back of a house. We raced to a safe distance where he told me he'd broken that same window five or six times before. There was no reason for it. It was a random house with a fence low enough that he could throw a rock through a window. A week or more passed and each day we took that route to school. He looked over the fence and was disappointed to see the window still broken. One day he stopped ahead of me to grab a rock. The window had been replaced. Just as he was about to break it again, a man jumped out from between two cars and started yelling at us. We took off fast. We guessed the man waited to fix the window, until he'd seen my friend checking it. Then he knew he could ambush us and put a stop to the vandalism.
My friend was raised to be overly polite, especially to girls. His mother had him brainwashed about girls using constant statements like "sugar and spice and everything nice." He was confused. I couldn't share my experiences with girls as a result, but I liked girls. It turns this event into the horrible secret he shared. My pal filled a big Chicklets box with chewable Ex-Lax. He showed me that you had to compare them next to each other to notice the difference between Chicklets and Ex-lax. Things have changed. They probably can't even sell those Ex-lax now because they worked too fast and too hard. One was enough. The big Chicklets box held ten or fifteen. A girl in our class would often ask him for a piece of his penny candy. His brainwashing forced him to give it to her regardless of the fact that he didn't want to. She asked one time too many and he hatched his chewable Ex-Lax plan. He gave her the entire box and watched in class as she added one piece after another to the big ball of gum in her mouth. She was soon chewing the entire box at once. Throughout that class he kept nudging me to look at her. I couldn't understand why until a couple days later. The girl went home sick that day and missed one or two days of school. When she returned my friend dragged me to her, so I could witness him asking questions about the missed days. She wouldn't answer his questions. It was obvious she didn't like being asked, but he repeatedly approached with me in tow. She gave in and told him the juicy details he wanted to hear. It was disgusting, but she was worn down by his pestering. My friend was orgasmic over the news of the misery he caused her. He had many more secrets to share, including shooting cats with a pellet gun and making friends with boys with dogs so he could get their dogs to lick his crotch. It made climbing into dumpsters into a perfectly normal activity. I've seen secret abusive behavior like this from many people. It's a protest to being raised within bizarre fantasy worlds, imposed by parents and society.