Gary Rinsem

Her Mother Is Nuts

There were four other blatantly insane mothers on my block. Those three girls and one boy weren't affected by it, at least for as long as I knew them.

January 1973 We were standing on Julie's front porch when her mother drove in and parked in the garage. She started screaming at me because I'm a boy so I can't be alone with her daughter. Julie was holding a pile of mail from the mailbox. Her mother saw a picture of apes in a line that turned into people, on top of the mail pile. She screamed louder and called me Satan because I looked at it. She kept pushing me and screaming at me until she pushed me two houses away. Julie was beside her telling her to stop. She hit Julie five times, maybe more, in the face and called her Satan's Helper. Later she made Julie show her where I live. She told my mom lies about me and wanted me to be locked in my room with a bible for six months so I'd learn not to look at pictures of apes. Julie and I can't see each other any more. I'm not allowed to go to Julie's house and she's not allowed at my house. Her mother told my mother all the things she has to do to punish me if I break her crazy rules. She made a lot of crazy rules for me to follow. Julie stood on the porch crying and begging her mother to stop the whole time. Weeks later, maybe months Julie's mother keeps telling Julie lies about me. Julie tells me about it at school. Today was the worst. She told Julie that I broke into their house and tried to stab her with a knife. She said I was in jail and going to prison forever. Some of the lies Julie believes. She thinks I made the picture of apes and put it in the mailbox to steal her soul. Julie is starting to think her mother isn't crazy. She thinks the lies are true. Julie is afraid of me. Two years gone by Julie moved away. Thank You! She's as crazy as her mother. Every time I saw her she yelled bible trash at me. I really don't need kids in high school hearing her claim I'm Satan and yelling bible babble at me. The for sale sign in their front yard didn't stay long. Goodbye. You were a nice girl and sex was fun. It's awful what your mother did to you, I hope you get better some day. 10-4-1998 Many times I've wondered about Julie. Is she still crazy or did she grow out of it? How does she remember the boy she lost her virginity with? Collecting coming of age stories has been such a great hobby, I'd seriously love to have her story. Is it a happy or sad memory now? It was happy at the time. Does it match my memory? I'll just hope she calls me one day. 12-4-2020 Once in a while that crazy as hell girl (pun intended) comes into my mind. She's only one of a massive chorus of voices present in my thoughts, but what her mother did to her makes me curious of the outcome. I'll never know, obviously. Julie is just one of many women that I've known who suffered from bible insanity. BB cured themselves of it. Each in an instant, each claiming it to be the revelation which divided their life into two distinct parts. Many others told the story of growing up with bible abusive parents and how hard it was to break the brainwashing. Neither of them bible babbles, but my sister and little brother both got infected by it.