Gary Rinsem

An Oddity

Based on detailed journal entries the first part was written in the 80s, this is a chapter in my life that pops into my thoughts on a regular basis. It has given me hundreds of hours of lighthearted smiles.

I heard a tiny petite little girl's voice say "Do you want to play Barbie with me?" The fact that I was standing in line at the high school snack bar made it all the more strange. It didn't occur the voice was talking to me, but it was so out of place that I looked around. Immediately to my right I saw the girl looking up at me, with a very big smile. She repeated "Do you want to play Barbie with me?" I replied "no" and looked around for a mother or big sister. The girl's smile grew as she said "There's no Barbie." My look must have conveyed my confusion because she quickly continued. "I'm Barbie. Gary, do you want to play Barbie with me?" She knew my name. I immediately guessed there was more to this than a lost little girl wanting a friend. A closer look and I suspected she wasn't so young, just short. I asked her age and she replied that she was sixteen. The little girl grew up quickly, but I still didn't want to play Barbie with her. Perpetually smiling she said "I am Barbie!" More smile in a long pause before saying "You'll like playing Barbie WITH ME!" Emphasis on the last two words cracked through my thick skull. I lost interest in the snack bar and we began walking. She asked if it was OK to call me Ken. I told her it's my middle name, but she didn't believe. She said she came to me because of my reputation. I didn't kiss-n-tell. She wanted my promise to tell nobody. A few moments later we were on our bicycles headed for her house, cutting the next class. Behind her locked bedroom door she stood motionless, repeatedly proclaiming "I'm Barbie!" We played Barbie many times. About six years later a woman I'd only met minutes before, asked if I liked role-playing games. I smiled. My only experience had been "playing Barbie." I answered "maybe" and she said that she liked to play Barbie. The statement was instantly followed by "Do you want to play Barbie with me?" I was in the Navy a few years later when one of a group of women, all very close friends, confided her dirty little secret that it was her fantasy to have several people, men and women, all play Barbie with her. In grade school every little girl's bedroom had at least one naked Barbie and a pile of Barbie clothes. I played Barbie growing up, so I knew what to do. First thing, always... Barbie's clothes came off to decide what she should wear. The best choice in adult Barbie... is nude. Nude Barbie always wants to play Ken. There have only been three Barbie's in my life, more would've been better. Part two: As a new idea shortly after the internet was established, I looked and saw no potential in digital dating. The selection was far too small for connections to be made. Things changed quickly as most of the population started learning to use a computer. Internet dating was more than just viable by 2001, it was becoming a full blown fad. Looking for love, what I found was casual sex, not my main desire, but... no women my age met my needs. One need shallow (not overweight) yet mostly I was looking for a woman to be an intellectual challenge and true love. The intellectual challenge was only available from younger women. They complained that it wasn't available in younger men. I'm not a studly sort, however women have never run away en masse... Call me acceptable I guess. There were plenty of women in their twenties who were interested in a forty-two year old. I found many with intellectual curiosity. Only a couple messages from Ann and we agreed to meet. No pretense, just her place for dinner and sex. It was a very expensive gated condo complex on the mountain north of Lincoln drive. It reinforced the impression she'd made, instead of revealing the deceitful intent of so many others. Ann wasn't alone answering the door. Confusion and concern struck me hard in that instant. Both were very beautiful with happy smiles. I decided it wasn't a bad thing. Ann and Lucy fixed a great dinner and assured me they were best friends, separate bedrooms. Both doctors, they'd met in residency at a Phx hospital. Dinner was done when with a smirk, Lucy suggested that she'd clean up the dinner mess. A not subtle hint. I visited Ann once or twice a week, each time Lucy did the dishes leaving Ann and I to do as we pleased. We had great dinner discussions involving mind and matter. Never seen outside the condo, we were enjoying the relationship and becoming intellectually intimate. We usually talked late into the night and again over breakfast. Lucy was as much a part of the dating as Ann, with hugs and kisses and no other benefits. Eventually I asked about the big heavy massage table against the wall in the living room. Expecting an offer of a massage, Ann instead went to her bedroom and returned in white lab coat and stethoscope around her neck. The Dr. name tag brought it home. She said "Mr. Rinsem, I'm nurse Jane, follow me please." Ann led me a few feet to the massage table where the act continued. "The doctor will see you in a moment. I need you to undress and wait on the exam table." Lucy always laid slumped over the arms of a narrow love seat, along the wall ahead of the massage table, looking the other way. She'd changed position and was now watching. I looked at Lucy then back at Ann. Both smiled big as Ann said "I insist." I clenched my teeth and undressed as Lucy and Ann giggled. Sitting naked on the table I received a very professional doctors exam, with minor benefits inappropriate in a medical setting. Lucy watched closely and seemed to become more and more aroused as the exam continued. I nervously watched as Ann put on exam gloves. What's next? She didn't need gloves for all that came before. I was instructed to stand, where she spent several minutes checking for hernia... with benefits of course, and much "Turn your head and cough." Lucy couldn't stop giggling and lost all control laughing when roleplay ended in a prostate exam. Naked and laughing at the silliness of it, I accepted an increase in intimacy in the relationship with Lucy. They were ecstatic. Other men had refused the game. While I was getting dressed, Lucy returned from her bedroom in lab coat and stethoscope. Meeting resistance, Lucy said "I insist." Our relationship quickly advanced with Lucy's examination. Each date after this was with them both equally. I eventually got the massage the table was designed for. Ann and Lucy confided an unprofessional secret. They shared a fantasy of sex with a patient. Ann worked in a group practice and Lucy was a hospitalist where they'd done internships together. I fulfilled each of their fantasies... in a regularly scheduled appointment with Ann and a sneaky rendezvous in the hospital with Lucy. It was after work. In 2021 I find it hard to imagine them as seasoned doctors in their early 50s. I mostly recall "Do you want to play doctor?"