Gary Rinsem

Archery Class Has Benefits

A foolish boy, a pointless act repeated three times, a message shot back, one fearful apology, a lesson never to be forgotten, ultimately a true kindness I did him, end of story.

Three days in a row the antenna on my car was bent into a big circle after school. First time I changed it with one dad had in the garage. It's hard to do and took an hour reaching in between the door and the fender then upside down under the dash. Second and third times I got one from Checker.

Kids saw him do it but didn't know who he was the first two times. Yesterday there were boys waiting to tell me who did it. He drives a black Firebird that is so new it still has paper plates. He's dumb to mess with somebody's car when his is in the parking lot.

I opened my trunk with friends watching and got out my bow and two aluminum arrows. I don't care that they're expensive. I shot two arrows through his grill and watched antifreeze pour out. Put away my bow and went home.

This morning the guys were waiting in the parking lot to talk to me. They watched yesterday when he started his car and it made noise from the fan hitting the arrows in the radiator. They said I destroyed his radiator and condenser and fan and fan clutch. He had to go to the pay phone and call his dad. A tow truck took his car away.

After school he was waiting by my car on the other side of the car next to mine for protection. He's only brave when nobody is there. I don't know him and he didn't know who owned the car he was messing with. He apologized over the roof of that car and begged me not to do any more to his car. I called him an asshole and said he deserved whatever I do. Then I came home and wrote this before work. He had no reason to mess with my car.