Gary Rinsem

My Brothers Wives

Begun 1978
Recent 2020

Every one of his wives was a basket case! And there were many!


My brother's wife called wanting to talk to me. She was drunk and sad and talked about him cheating on her. I don't think he does. He keeps complaining that she spies on him all the time and accuses him of cheating. She said goodbye and hung up right after I told her nobody else was home.

I was sitting on the patio a few minutes later when she came out the back door. She must have been at a pay phone by Basha's to get here so fast. She was really drunk.

After a minute complaining about him she sat in my lap and tried to kiss me, then put my hand on her tits. I resisted and she got up and took off all her clothes in front of me, then tried to get me to take off mine to go swimming with her. I didn't do it and I didn't let her sit on my lap naked. She wouldn't get dressed.

I was afraid someone would come home. She walked around the yard naked then all over the house. She got in my bed and wouldn't get out. She started masturbating and I dragged her out of my room to the back yard where her clothes were. She got in the pool and stood there trying to talk me into getting naked and swimming with her. I got a towel and talked her out of the pool. She finally got dressed and drove away.

Some time later

My brother's wife keeps trying to get me to have sex with her when he's at work. She sits in her car outside his job and spies on him. She thinks every woman who goes in the bar is going there to see him. She waits a few minutes then goes in to watch the women. Tonight I caught her sitting outside the house spying on me. She is crazy as hell. She wouldn't leave and followed me in her car when I drove away. I was going to my girlfriend's house but drove all over trying to lose her instead. I finally went home and she parked out front for a couple hours. She left when dad came home.

1989 or 1990

This is the second of Steve's wives to come on to me. Helping them move into a condo nearby, he left us alone to go get another load. She showed me a picture of a boy in a magazine with a giant erect penis and asked if it got me excited! Hell no! A moment later she came down the stairs naked. Time to go. Been there before with his first wife.

Not long after

Steve called in a panic. Too excited to make sense he begged me to come to their condo about a plumbing emergency. He pulled out the fridge and busted the ice maker supply line. He didn't know what to do. I turned off the water and agreed to help him, or teach him, how to fix it.

At the hardware store his nutzo wife kept grabbing my crotch every time Steve couldn't see. She knew I wouldn't tell him. He'd just accuse me of lying.


I don't remember how many times he was married, but after one of them was gone I asked jokingly if he married every woman he saw naked. It was too soon for jokes, he got mad and left before I fixed his car.

I liked the Mexican airlines flight attendant best, she provided more entertainment than all the others and did it in the shortest time. Drunk, she fell down on the back porch and her boobs popped out. She didn't notice her boobs out. I caught dad staring. I think they were only married a few months, my brother and her, I don't know how long her boobs were married.

Two fun pet pees in five minutes!

Not to be outdone, my oldest brother married a winner in his first try. A drunk, she did the funniest of pathetic things at family gatherings, often passing out on the couch.

My favorite memory of her took place in my sister's driveway on Halloween. She was nearly too drunk to stand, but tried anyway. I was busy laughing to myself after watching my sister's cat pee all over the rear window of her neighbors car.

The fun took a giant upturn when a man with a big dog on a leash stopped for his kids to trick or treat. The dog lifted it's leg on my sister-in-law's leg. It seemed like an hour that dog peed on her. Too funny. She was so drunk she didn't feel it from her knee down. Laughing openly I told her, but she failed to understand even when looking at a big puddle around her foot. It took many of us telling her before she understood.

Drunks are entertaining as long as you can keep them from driving. I miss you BB.