Gary Rinsem

First Fourth

What was wrong with triple?

They call you a unicorn now.

March 1983

How do I write this? Start by saying she rivaled Vicki? Not in love, but certainly in lust. She's reminiscent of Beth? Too much for too little time? Also true, but nothing like Beth. She was like nothing else because she was presented from the start as a twenty-four hour experience, and guaranteed to be nothing more. Humorously given as a gift to us, but truthfully more at her request for her satisfaction. First Fourth is an enigma beyond quick description. Read on...

Two weeks ago two of our friends casually asked us to spend the entire weekend with them at the apartment. Being vague and evasive, we couldn't possibly understand it was something we'd want to do. We chose a weekend clubbing instead. BB are having too much fun and making too much money to give it up for the entire weekend, especially without an explanation.

Last week they insisted. Still without explanation, but this time with the promise they were arranging a surprise for us. We grudgingly agreed and bitched about it between ourselves, thinking of it as a giant imposition in exchange for some small token of a surprise. It was a favor for friends we were doing, nothing more.

We agreed to meet at noon Saturday and spend until noon Sunday at the apartment, for a twenty-four hour surprise. I'll admit, they finally had our curiosity after telling that part of the plan. And still, nothing more was given.

Saturday mornings are work party at the apartment and we'd yet to contribute. We showed up long before the agreed upon time of noon, to rid ourselves of work party guilt. There were so many girls working that we had little choice but laundry duty. Must have been a hundred Navy towels and four sets of sheets. The big laundry room made short work of it. The girls all pitched in folding.

By noon everything was quiet with only one other couple left in the apartment. We laid on the sofas and talked across the room, with BB and I expecting a mystery surprise at any moment.

Getting impatient by 2 o'clock, we were talking about leaving when the front door opened. There are only two serious rules. At a minimum, panties are required for sanitary reasons and nobody mentions the apartment to outsiders without prior approval. Approval only to invite someone new into the group.

They brought a woman with them. We'd only been in the group a few weeks, but we were even upset by the breach. After a short introduction they went to the bedroom and came back in panties. With them in a dog pile on the loveseat we got to know FF, talking for about two hours. One most intriguing bit was revealed when she described, in graphic detail, that she could not be satiated. I noticed BB both squirm while she described herself as being perpetually horny, in even more graphic language.

The three of them were constantly fondling and kissing the entire time. I wondered if this was their surprise, that they'd become a triple like BB and I.

A lesser rule of the apartment is, that leaving the bedroom door open is an invitation for others to join you. They got off the loveseat and went to the left bedroom. The five of us whispered a moment about a stranger in the apartment, before sounds from the bedroom changed our focus. They were loud. We all smiled and laughed a bit.

We'd been together barely four months and hadn't decided if we're exclusive. I don't care, I've sewn my oats, but BB were still trying to decide if they could live the rest of their lives, knowing no other women. Beth doesn't count, she's family to us. The only decision we'd made is... whatever we do we'll only do it together.

The girls on the right couch commented that the door was open. BB both flinched at the realization. They'd been lusting for FF for two hours. BB jumped up together and went to look in the bedroom. They came back, bent over in front of me and silently begged. It was too cute to resist if I wanted to. I didn't really want to.

They'd been in panties since the laundry was done, but as the only man I keep my clothes on. BB stripped me in an instant. Surprisingly, our friends slid out of bed and left the room leaving FF to us.

I have a dilemma.

This writing has been sitting for weeks as I search for a solution. FF's story is nothing without at least some graphic details of the next twenty hours. I feel very weird each time I write a paragraph. They get torn up and tossed out. Understand that as you read the rest of this. Much detail needs to be imagined by you.

We three attacked our First Fourth as a team. With a single mind we worked together for her pleasure, intent on disproving her claim to be a true nymphomaniac. I don't have it in me to write what most would call porn, so I'll just say that it took about two hours and many intense orgasms.

FF began giggling and resisting us, hardly able to speak she repeated "No more, no more orgasms" and "That's enough." One of us said "We really worked her over." "Work over" is a term for a job requiring much planning, labor and parts to almost overhaul a piece of equipment. At that moment it became our code word for what we spent years enjoying.

Two hours were lost by them being late. Two more hours were wasted talking in the living room. The fun began two hours ago and we thought it was over with eighteen hours to spare, but ever so happy about every detail. FF was the best foreplay we could imagine. BB and I continued without her, or on top of her to be precise.

Twenty minutes quietly talking, getting to know each other, and FF's interest was back. She cried uncle much sooner this time, but recuperated quicker also. It became a cycle that repeated for eight hours or more. She was insatiable, just needed a little rest once in a while. We all fell asleep.

A few hours sleep and FF was ready again. Satisfying her is impossible. We finally gave up and all cooked breakfast together. Her couple collected FF at noon, exactly as planned. Just before leaving she came to us laying on the couch, knelt down to kiss BB's nipples and quietly said "You'll still be my masturbation fantasy when I'm an old, old lady." With that she left us.

Details about our First Fourth have come slowly. She is described as being a "Third." That's her sexual preference. She is aroused by sharing a couple's love. Our friends have been her couple for many months, but she doesn't stay long because she avoids the emotional involvement that might come with time. BB and I now understand the personals adds looking for a "Third." Those couples are sad and pathetic.

Next they told us that contrary to the claim she was a gift to us, we were actually a gift to her. They'd told her about the triple they met and she bugged them for two months to introduce us. The notion of sharing a love shared by three was irresistible to this Third. She wanted to try being a fourth.

The other memorable detail we've been told about FF is that she was an actress when she was younger. She played the part of a teenager for a few episodes of a popular 60s TV show. That makes her about ten years older than us. We thought she was even older.

We gave her a lasting masturbation fantasy and she gave us foreplay as our motive to sleep with other women. A fair exchange.

And the puppy asked: "BB, are we doing work overs next weekend?"

Added in 2020

BB and I made references to FF often. She played a pivotal role in our relationship by motivating us to slut around with many women over the years. She set a tone in our life together. It was wonderful and brought us even closer than we were.

In 2007 the TV was on in the background, I was doing something else. I heard the promo for a new movie being discussed on a talk show. Not uncommon, but what happened next has me still smiling thirteen years later. Without looking I heard a voice that sounded very familiar. I looked at the TV but didn't recognize the woman at first. She was the star of the movie. When her name was used it hit me. Different last name, but the first name was enough to connect FF to this older woman. I rushed to the internet and verified it was her. Yep, she played the part of the teenage girl in that 60s TV show. Her character only lasted a few episodes.

We never connected FF to her acting. She was a big star long before and got bigger since. It makes me sad that BB never knew. We would have enjoyed watching her movies together. I've downloaded some of her work, but haven't had the courage to watch any of it, yet. FF is too close to BB, for me to actually watch her. Maybe soon.