Gary Rinsem

Hollyweird (The Alternative)

If I were a dog, this would be me

We've been to girl clubs in Hollywood. Like the punk slam dance club, we doubt the girl clubs are legitimate. Just guessing, but if the old abandoned looking building is powered by a big diesel generator connected at the meter box, you can bet they don't have permission to be in the building.

The Alternative Club was legit and we'd been told BB could dance there. Something odd was goin on, obvious from the parking lot. Busy as hell and women were headed toward the entrance dressed alike. Seemed the uniform of the day was two tube tops, one worn high and the other low. Everyone in line at the door was singles, so much so that it stood out.

Speaking of standing out, a man in line was beyond unexpected. Nobody could possibly stand out more. The bouncer smiled at six beautiful women, then she glared at me and said "You'll have to leave your pet outside." I gave her my best submissive act while the girls worked on all 6'3" of her muscle builder attitude. No different than a man, they openly played with her libido until she smiled.

Immediately inside the door, all those women's double tube tops came off. The uniform was for ease of removal. Watching the crowd it was obvious, naked meant play with me. Absolutely out of place, I began feeling the part of the girl's pet.

The Alternative was an incredible environment. Nothing like it anywhere else. My presence was appreciated by nobody until the owners came to decide the fate of Fido, my new nickname. Within moments I passed and they told the bouncers to "Keep him in kibbles." Everything in the place was like that. Strange but entirely fun.

We went to The Alternative while it lasted. BB danced and bulls tossed bills. I was accepted as not just Fido, but BB's manager. Bulls often took issue while bouncers kept them in line. Trying to get to BB, the smarter bulls decided I was in charge and treated me like a bull buddy. The rest of the bulls and most fems just snarled at the only penis bearing person allowed through the door. We decided there'd be no workovers from The Alternative. Too freaky fer sure.

That's Hollywood! Been there. Oh, one more thing about Hollywood. You could choose instead to go to the Chinese theater and stand in footprints in cement... made by a Star Wars robot. But why?