Gary Rinsem

Naming The Universe
A 1983 Event
A 1983 Journal
A 2021 Re-visit

"The Universe" is a much larger topic than the universe.
A non-trivial question. Which is larger, "The Universe" or a single atom?


The girls all promised to let me tell you, and I'm still debating when and how to do it. If you're reading this then that's how I decided to tell you. Hold onto your panties, it's funny...

I just wanna say, I know Jack! And you don't! Ha-ha!

You'd know too if you stayed at the apartment instead of going to a kids movie.

Sorry, but I don't regret not going with you... and yes... I'm delaying telling you about Jack. It's too funny.

I was laying on the right couch when JJ called me Jack. It drove me crazy trying to get somebody to stop laughing and tell me the joke behind Jack. Christy said, wait.... do I tell you so soon or make you read through a bunch more trash first... what the hell, you waited long enough. Christy said "It's short for Jack Hammer." They all burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Perplexed, I concluded it was a sex reference and was rather proud of myself. JJ stopped laughing long enough to say it wasn't a sex reference, but she still wouldn't tell me what it means.

So I'm told I'm "Jack Hammer" and not told why. It drove me even crazier trying to guess why. Their laughter was contagious, but I worked through it to keep pushing for the reason for the nickname. You two were gone to the movies too long. I kept expecting you to return and back me up.

Another hour passed before Sissy and Sarah showed up. They took pity on me and convinced JJ to spill the beans. She said it's because being around me is like having a jack hammer constantly working on her brain. BB, there was a far too long pause before she said anything else. I felt hurt for that moment, thinking they've all been laughing about that for several months. I thought JJ cared about me. The long pause ended when she said "It's delightful." All the girls said the same thing, that we three made their lives complete. I wish you'd been there. It really was "delightful."

The conversation that followed resulted in naming the universe "Delight." I'll never give up that name and neither would you if you'd been there. Delight is a wonderful name for the universe. I'm delighted by it every morning when I wake up, and reminded of the beauty of Delight when the sun sets. All moments beyond those two are filled with sheer joy in understanding the universe. I only wish we could help more people find it. The universe is no longer "comprehension." It's delightful!

THE END, or maybe just another endless beginning... aren't they the same thing? After all, The Universe, er, uhm... Delight... is the snake eating it's own tail, isn't it? OK, that's just Jack being overtly Jack.