Gary Rinsem

Night Of The Raven
"Once upon a midnight dreary"

This memory is important to me on several levels. I'd like to share it.

BB came off stage, sweaty and elated from dancing. Needing to cool off, they only put on panties before sitting back down at our table. Applause is rare in the clubs, fat pathetic men are usually too consumed by lust to think of showing appreciation. BB had just been applauded all the way to the table.

We're accustomed to people visiting our table in the clubs, especially pathetic men who gave them big tips. There are always several visitors immediately after dancing, more if BB are sitting topless. Funny as hell, at least one just stares, unable to speak to them.

An out of place couple visited after the pathetics had their fill. Following a quick introduction, very presumptive, he pulled up chairs and they joined us. It seemed alright, there was something different about them. Looked to be mid fifties, dressed for dinner and the opera. Both wearing enough jewelry to choke an elephant. Out of place is a good thing, in this place.

After a great deal of praise for all of BB's performances, he told us of a private club. He and his wife are members. A gourmet restaurant which went under. It was taken over by a club of elite from Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Described as a "gourmet restaurant with gourmet entertainment," we thought the meaning was clear. She opened her purse and pulled out a business card, laying it on the table in front of me. With big smiles they asked us to be their guests the following night. The card on the table was a printed invitation to get in the door and send our bill to them.

We didn't consider going, BB enjoy dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. Plus, sailors hardly get paid, the tips are building us a big savings account. In the light at the motel I looked at the invitation. It was an expensive printing, hand made with a die to press the large letters and gold foil accents. A map and instructions were on the backside. It said "One seating nightly, 5 to 5:30 pm only."

We found the ten foot tall arched double door ornately carved, exactly as they described. Without description we'd never know. There's no sign to tell what it is, just a door in the wall next to an expensive jewelry store in Beverly Hills.

A woman in an evening gown stood in the small room. She greeted us with a big smile. Taking our invitation she said to wait here, then left through the opposite door. The lady returned with an equally well dressed man who seemed eager to meet us. I think they were members of the club, not employees. Inside they pointed out the options. Booth in the back, table in the middle or table next to the stage. It was getting interesting and we wanted a view of the show.

Only a few tables were seated so we got to watch the pre-show of the room filling. All but a few were obviously members, older and dressed for dinner. A very young couple was soon seated across the stage, wearing street clothes like us. He was a tall thin boy with a girl not much bigger than Bren, they looked like high school kids. Next to them was an openly lesbian couple about 30 years old, also out of place there. Several more out of place couples were seated, all of us along the stage. We couldn't stop guessing the program for the evening.

At 5:30 the room filled with women taking orders, far more than expected for the number of tables. With a restaurant background I noticed and told BB it would be very good service. In a minute they'd taken all orders and cleared the room, obviously a trained tactic. They returned a bit later in the same manner, all at once. They served fast and got out of the room. Nothing like any restaurant anywhere else. We chose an appetizer I don't remember the name of, but it was delicious with breaded turkey and bacon. The plate was enough for dinner for the three of us. We were stuffed long before the night ended, but kept eating anyway.

The lights dimmed to near total darkness. A man's voice on a microphone introduced the first act as "members" followed by their names and "would like to entertain you." They came on stage and acted out a loud abusive argument. Insults included "small dick" and "nipples down to your navel." It ended with a make-up hug, then erotic kissing and fondling under their clothes. BB tried so hard not to laugh. The couple took their bow and returned to their table, horny as hell I'm sure.

For several hours there was one act after another, and endless food. Several plates of appetizers were enjoyed before dinner, but the best was simple onion rings. They were unlike any onion rings we'd ever eaten.

Each act by members was unique and involved sex, this was obviously a sex club with dinner, not a dinner club with entertainment. Two couples wasted no time, just got naked and did it on stage. Seemed odd because they were old, but still erotic.

The host, man who seated us, was talking to the lesbian couple before they left their table. Introduced as "guests," a sling was being hung from hooks as they walked on stage. They made acrobatic love for twenty minutes using the sling and vibrating toys pulled from a large purse. BB were in lust.

The couple we thought to be in high school came on stage already naked. There was a loud gasp from BB as the couple stood on stage only two feet in front of us. He was much bigger than anything seen in a porn movie. BB were shocked and began talking about it being impossible. That small girl couldn't... not that thing. She got on her knees and worked several minutes to create a slight erection. No doubt all that was possible, his brain would starve for blood attempting a full erection. She laid on stage with ankles behind ears. BB both instinctively yelled "NO" as half the length penetrated the girl. The tiny girl humped him for fifteen minutes. It seemed she had to control the action to prevent injury.

The next act was routine sex from an attractive young couple. Fun to see, but nothing to write about. BB began squirming in their seats as the host stopped to talk to us. They wanted to dance and didn't wait to be invited. He answered yes to the question of being able to play a cassette tape. BB yelled at me to go get one from the trunk.

Our table was empty when I returned with the gym bag. They knew I'd know what they wanted in this case. Using my Walkman I set the tape to Queen and gave it to the host. When their time came the song played loud and clear. Every bone in the restaurant vibrated with the beats and clapping as BB paused a moment in the dressing room, purely for effect. They burst on stage naked in time with the opening lyrics. Buddy you're a boy make a big noise... BB, sorry to break from my narration, but you've never done better.

Their routine for the third song in that set, involves a lot of fondling and kissing. It must, the song is "Then I Kissed Her" by the Beach Boys. Love floods every stage BB attack and this one was extreme. Instead of a pit it's elevated like a stage should be. Three songs typically, in a set, and they're ready to get off stage. This setting created a different mood.

We've made love in bright daylight several times on the nude beach, with some of the other girls included. It was fun being watched by other nudies, as they pretended not to stare. I was literally dragged on stage and stripped naked before I could decide for myself. We made love with no thought of an audience.

Later the host dropped an envelope on our table. All he said was "The membership was very appreciative." We expected nothing and quietly put the envelope in the gym bag. It was $1,400. Best BB have ever done alone was a bit over $800, for five sets in a nude club. We didn't get stuffed with great food and memories that night. Just conversation with horny pathetic men fantasizing about naked BB.

It was ten o'clock at night and we'd been there five hours. I drank so much local brewed root beer that I was headed to the head every ten minutes. They still turned up the lights to serve more food and drinks. Anything requested was instantly added to the menu.

This brings me to the heart of the evening. No, it wasn't us making love on stage.

She was announced as a member to entertain with poetry. We knew who it would be, the only person sitting alone all night had just gone into the dressing room.

Decrepit, wrinkled and saggy with Phyllis Diller hair, she walked naked to center stage. Standing under a spotlight she began reading. In an instant I recognized Poe's work. "Once upon a midnight dreary."

Both hands gently holding several pages close to her face, she spoke the words I'd only read before. Her performance was polished, well rehearsed and melodic. The words I'd only imagined as slowly spoken and barely rhyming, were suddenly a beautiful a cappella masterpiece flowing from her mind like the song of a very unusual bird.

I was transfixed. The contrast between her broken body, against the sound of her voice and incredible talent, demonstrating intellect which appreciated a complex work of art... has me still in awe of the lady. Glances at BB proved they were equally enthralled by the performance. The restaurant was absolutely silent except for her voice.

"And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor"

"Shall be lifted nevermore!"