Gary Rinsem

Mile High Club, Grounded!

You've heard of going to the chapel. Going to the "H" is a place for a different kind of worship.

There'd been similar cryptic messages on the crew's bulletin board for weeks. Something was up among a large group of shipmates and most of the ship was curious. "Need H ride Friday night. Will buy refreshments. HT2 Smith." "Not been to the H? We owe. SK1 Jones."

There are little secret society groups on the ship. Well, mostly the Silent Crew and the Dungeons and Dragons guys. The Filipinos, females, etc. are not secret, just have their own little ship culture going on. The H gang seemed to be too big to be kept secret.

Both sides of the silent crew worked on the mystery. We figured out who had the best shot with each person on the bulletin board. The person chosen asked the question. What's the H? With several H notes per week, it took a few weeks before we got an answer. It's the H in the Hollywood sign. "Have you been to the H?" is like asking "Are you a member of the mile high club?" Sex under the H sounded like an adventure we didn't want to miss.

BB and I took off for The H the next Saturday. It was cold, but there's plenty of blankets in the trunk. Driving around Griffith Park we couldn't find a place to park closer than two miles away. There's a narrow maintenance road that goes right behind the sign, but no way you can park there. We parked a long ways away and walked through a neighborhood, then hiked the mountain. There were people everywhere and garbage everywhere around the sign. There's no flat ground under the H. Disappointed, we hiked down and toured the observatory. No place to make love, but its cool.

The next weekend we knew the score. Too busy during the day and too dangerous to hike at night. You must have a ride drop you near the sign, then make the pick up a short time later. The bulletin board messages made sense. Somebody gave you a ride, you owe somebody a ride. The silent crew exploded with several couples at the H each Friday and Saturday night. We had a joint hood party at the mole park today, to celebrate the last couple's trip to the H.