Gary Rinsem

Tami's Birthday, Out Of The Navy
May 31, 1986

I got out of the Navy today, May 31st 1986, Tami's 25th birthday. I was determined to be in our park this year and I made it just before sunset. So here I sit, in our park, writing about her when I should have gone to my parents house as soon as I got in town. I can't explain why because in all these years I haven't figured it out, but for some reason I still long for that girl. To some degree I miss every one of the women I've known and loved for more than a few months, but Tami is the only one I actually think about often. The strange part is that I don't know why it's this way. I have ideas of why but I can't settle it in my mind. Eight years later and I still need her in my life. I will miss the penthouse even more now that I'm home. We haven't had it for a year and it's been difficult for us all to be together. Now even I'm gone from their lives for a while. It doesn't matter, the Navy would have sent me much further away than Phx if I reenlisted so we couldn't even have visited each other. BB will be gone soon for seven or eight months of WestPac. I couldn't imagine getting a job and staying in that cesspool. The shipyard would have paid well but yuk. Todd would be better but it's still a shipyard. I needed to come home. I couldn't stay without them being around any more than I could have left if they were going to be there.