Gary Rinsem

Your Mind's Eye

This is a passage from my book "What Color Is Red?" It's the introduction to the chapter "Your Mind's Eye."

Study the workings of your own mind. Not the biology, there are people doing that for a living and they're mostly stumped by it. Study your actual thoughts, not the content of your thoughts. Study thought as an entity unto itself and you'll learn the workings of your mind. Did this thought peek out of the shadows and fill itself with content over time, or did it materialize fully formed in an instant? Is it new or recurring? Consider and examine as many of the thought's properties as you can perceive it having, and eventually you'll know where it came from. Is it the result of emotion or intellect? Is there a third possibility?

The more you maximize the minutia of your thoughts, the easier it will become. One day you'll find a thought examining itself. Don't fear, it's still your mind at work, just in a manner you've never experienced before. Welcome to the beginnings of Intellectual Psychedelia. It's a crossroad where you can choose to return to your old mental state, or begin enjoying the wonders of the universe. Intellect is the hard won prize of explorers of the universe. Intellect is the only item in life worthy of pride.