Gary Rinsem

More than meets the eye

BB sitting at the computer in panties with Bren on Bev's lap, is a sight that needs film in the camera. They were there for hours, but I didn't even go to Circle K and get one roll of film. Next time I won't screw up.

They typed in another 30 or 40 pages of my old journals and not even from our time. These were things I wrote in eighth grade. After their planes took off I spent hours last night reading what they entered. I fixed typos and my old grammar errors. It was fun. Thanks for the memory lane thing, BB. Too bad I don't remember the real names that went with those girl's code names.

BB have thirty or forty text files now. They use a single file for things they really like and start a new file for each notebook. They write the file name on the book. It's cute that they want to save the odd things I wrote as a kid. I'll just throw away the notebooks BB. For now I need to find a text reader program that will make it easy to look at the files. Sounds like bulletin board time.