Gary Rinsem


I guess I'm not able to truly understand men. They're messed up beyond belief.

Sometime In The 1980s

It may be a simple joy but it's always entertaining to watch men squirm when the subject turns to women or sex. The subject of love never comes up in a discussion, yet they still don't even understand why they don't understand love. Hey dumb ass! If you can't figure it out then try talking about it! Get another view of the subject or at least THINK about it. Most men believe women are hunted instead of enjoyed like a book. With hunting you take one quick shot and hope your misunderstood target happens to be in the line of fire, otherwise it will run away. A book is far more exciting but only if you embrace it, become it, read every page then snuggle up and take your time thinking about it. Wait ten minutes and start over to be certain you fully understood and enjoyed it. You don't want to miss anything important so pay special attention to the ending, there's often a twist in the plot. Life and love become endless foreplay for those who understand... the definition of intimacy.

March 12, 2004

This entry is the result of another case of Sid ringing my doorbell too drunk to stand.

The 'male ego' is a very entertaining toy. Even before high school I had learned never to seriously talk with men about women or sex. That's why I started writing. Men always claim you're lying if you say anything which they've been unable to figure out for themselves, or anything which conflicts with the common misconceptions among their group of friends. It's funny and it happened this week at Sid's house, but it always happens at Sid's house. Many times I've tried to help my friends by demonstrating what they're doing wrong, what they don't understand, the point which so many have completely missed, that love is shared. They ALWAYS claim to know what they're doing even though it's obvious they haven't a clue. It is amazing. One second they complain and claim they don't understand, the next second they're busy ignoring the advice they asked for. But ya know, if they were able to analyze a situation then they wouldn't need advice in the first place. If you explain that what they just complained about is something THEY are doing wrong, then they immediately tell you it's correct and you don't know what you're talking about. They ignore the fact that they started out the conversation by claiming they don't understand, and what they didn't understand is the point they're now claiming to know. Just a moment ago they knew they didn't understand that point! Yep, the 'male ego' is a very entertaining toy. Easily manipulated and never capable of any real understanding, not even when you clearly point out that you're playing with their ego. They still never get it. Hmmm, that sounds a bit arrogant, I guess it is... I've spent my life verifying it, far more than enough to be convinced. Ego prevents introspection and demands that they lie to themselves.