Gary Rinsem

Mr. Earring

For most of my life, my brother Steve was my closest family member. Sometimes we almost had a family type relationship, but mostly Steve was only interested in what he could get from me. He was ALMOST always in a housing emergency, and constantly trying to get me to let him move in with me. I did once, and it was miserable. He even refused to chip in for utilities. Still, I wish I'd been able to talk to him before he died.

Since Steve died on July 4th, I've had phone calls from four more of his old girlfriends, plus a bunch of hang ups from Cindy Whatshername (confirmed by a call from a friend of Cindy's, about an hour after the hang ups.) Is the hang up phone call deal... just a girl thing?

Today I got a letter from one of Sue's old boyfriends, Mr. Earring - Bob Erickson. From the letter I don't think he remembers calling me about Sue, twice before. He couldn't find Sue so he sent me a letter. I called him and left my number for him to call back. It should be interesting. He wrote "I think of her often and would enjoy hearing from her" Hmmm, sounds familiar. I knew my letter to Tami wasn't unusual or inappropriate. It's freaking natural, it's normal, for men and women. It makes me realize I need to send my letter to her (the reply to her letter.) I'm not the weird one. None of those women, or Bob, seem to have any trouble with the idea of contacting old loves. Even Lexie drooled over the possibility of hearing from her high school sweetheart. So either Tami's marriage is bad, or she's off her rocker, or she still has feelings for her old sweetheart. So far I still haven't been able to imagine another possibility. Now this is off the wall, but Cindy has always been in love with Steve... She hung up on me three or four times... Then she had a friend call me to ask questions for her... Similar to Tami, Cindy had a problem talking even to ME, not to mention talking to Steve when she knew he was sick, and this was her last chance to ever talk to him. It would have been much easier for Tami to have called, instead of writing a letter to say what she wrote, makes me wonder. It's probably wishful thinking but it all sorta strengthens my feeling that Tami's problem is based on old love which never died, same as my love for her. It would make me happy to know that Tami kept the promise I made to her. I have to resist believing it's true, without hearing it from her. The other explanations are just as likely...

Bob Erickson
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