Gary Rinsem

My Maxims

Since the end of love, my life's only purpose has been to follow my motto...

Maximizing Minutia

The short thoughts below are some of the concepts I utilize in staying devoted to that pursuit. All are my own, developed over the years and collected here as reminder to me.

Matter and anti-matter.
Emotion is anti-intellect.
Intellect is anti-emotion.
Incompatible, they fight for control.
Conflaguration, if ever the two shall meet.

Reality of what you decide, is the only reality you can decide.

Society thrives on conformity, even demands it. Send a message. Be an example of progressivity. Rebel at every opportunity, but not pointless rebellion. Make something of it.

The only meaningful life is perpetual thought experiment.

Memory is decided. It's possible to accurately perceive reality in a manner based not in memory, but entirely in comprehension.

You know who you are, but not who you'll be.

The Universe is one, it cannot be divided.

The berries taste great, but you have to pick them.

Knowledge happens automatically and continuously and you can't avoid it.
Comprehension requires honesty and objective effort.

Intellect is all you have in life. It's the only thing that is real.

The key to comprehension is maximizing minutia.

Coalescence of the concept of intelligence, is irreversible.

Ignorance and evil flourish in the absence of truth. There is little value in knowing the truth without speaking it.

Words have three meanings, what is said, what is heard and what is intended.

Subtle triple entendre is a thing of beauty, the instant it's recognized.

If you don't know that you've found true love, then you haven't.

Comprehension is failure to misunderstand.

Fact is, the universe is comprised of facts.

You only know yourself in the reflection of another mind. Clarity of reflection is determined by depth of intellectual connection.

In all things, beauty is not intangible, it's inexistable. So it is with all commonly accepted bits of social absurdity.

It's wise to perpetually reconsider.

Truth is far less evasive than most people believe (truth to be).