Gary Rinsem

Sue's Jesus Lunatics

While I detest the FREAKS, Susan only laughed at them and cried for their victims.



A recent news report got me thinking about Susan showing me web pages about Jesus Lunatics. I think she must have searched for them often, to find so many on a regular basis.

So, remembering Susan... below is what happened when that happened (thinking of Sue with our three feathered friends climbing on me, talking their ass feathers off. I can't get a moment alone unless I lock-em up. The boys remind me of ducks waddling around behind me. Tyler flies over and hits me like a football. They're very needy the last couple months, since Andrew and Mary are gone and its just the four of us in the house. Trying to do dishes is a real treat with them helping.)

The Manson Family
Head Lunatic: Charles Manson
Claimed: He was Jesus
Dead: 9
When: 1969
Where: Hollywood, California
Highlights: Murder people to start a race war. Brainwashed and used young women to do his murdering.

The Peoples Temple
Head Lunatic: Jim Jones
Claimed: He was Jesus
Dead: 918
When: 1978
Where: Jonestown, Guyana
Highlights: Poisoned or shot hundreds of brainwashed followers in a mass suicide / murdering frenzy.

The Branch Davidians
Head Lunatic: David Koresh
Claimed: He was Jesus
Dead: 88
When: 1993
Where: Waco, Texas
Highlights: Pure nutcase city, holed up in a compound full of children while it burned to the ground.

Lone Lunatic
Head Lunatic: Timothy McVeigh
Claimed: Branch Davidians were righteous
Dead: 168
Injured: 680+
When: 1995
Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Highlights: bombed a building, killed and injured hundreds because the Branch Davidian lunatics had the religious right to violate laws

Aum Shinrikyo
Head Lunatic: Shoko Asahara
Claimed: He was Jesus
Dead: 26
Injured: 1,800
When: 1995
Where: Tokyo, Japan
Highlights: Poisoned train cars full of people and tried to do much more, before they were caught. Thirteen of them learned every detail about Japan's death penalty.

Heaven's Gate
Head Lunatic: Marshall Applewhite
Claimed: He was Jesus
Dead: 42
When: 1997
Where: San Diego, California
Highlights: Castrated, suicide by poison, black tunics, covered by purple blankets, trash bags over their heads, died lined up in bunk beds wearing Nikki sneakers because they had to RUN AFTER THEY DIED, to catch the alien spaceship hiding behind a comet, it was waiting to SAVE them.

Here's a nice short list of Jesus Head Lunatics. A small list of course, just a few acute cases.

John Hugh Smyth-Pigott
Haile Selassie I
Lou de Palingboer
Ernest Norman
Krishna Venta
Ahn Sahng-hong
Sun Myung Moon
Yahweh ben Yahweh ( Hulon Mitchell Jr)
Laszlo Toth
Wayne Bent
Ariffin Mohammed
Mitsuo Matayoshi
Tony Quinn
Inri Cristo
Thomas Harrison Provenzano
Ante Pavlovic
Hogen Fukunaga
Marina Tsvigun
Sergey Torop
Douglas Metcalf
Stuart Walker
GG Allin
Apollo Quiboloy
Hasan Mezarci
Alan John Miller
David Shayler
Maurice Clemmons
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez