Gary Rinsem

Accounting For Lovers

Accounting for curiosity's sake. Sex, love and lust, not at all the same.

I finally have a number and it's 519. I've wondered for years, but was never important enough to try and calculate it.

There were 45 girls and two women in 3 years before Tami. She was 48. Too many followed, I soon lost count.

BB pressed for a number the day we met. They were both positive of their small numbers. Embarrassed yet knowing it wouldn't matter, I gave them a vague 200. Four years in darkness was my sluttiest time, I'm certain it averaged more than one per week. Contemplating over the years I've settled on 1.5 per week. With the 48 prior it totals 360 in ten years, 1972 to 1982.

Twelve years with BB the tally grew at a slower pace. They make it 362 and Beth adds one, 363. Then came a very young gunners mate, yes a female, 364. The Silent Crew adds 20, so 384. Then First Fourth Barbara, 385. She burst the dam for BB, it gets foggy so I'll have to guess we shared 75 in twelve years, an even 460.

Six years mourning was broken by Nikki and Erica, 462. Beetleborgs is 463. The doctors makes 465. The third slut period is a blur beyond them, I can only guess there were 50 dating site women between 2001 and 2004. Many only once, many routinely for a time, 515.

Looks like Sue was number 516. There have only been three in seven years since Sue died, 519.

Nobody would believe without living the life. And never so much as a case of the crabs. The flagpole girls set this course. Starting three years of constant sex with so many at 13 years old, kept me from developing attachments. Girls were just sex. Never used, proud it was mutual. And so much fun.