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January 2021

Jacob Chansley
(aka Jake Angeli)

This Maroon changed his Tune!

From a jail cell he proclaims:
"I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump. He was not honorable."

Jacob is a "Shaman" in the "QAnon"
Is Jacob also a Klingon?

"He was not honorable"
How could a person take years to figure that out?

Simple, now he's in JAIL
He instantly realized Trump is "not Honorable."

I hope you don't hurt yourself laughing!

Not your regular TwoDigit, this guy has earned his position as the Head Minion!

Can't... Stop... Laughing...

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that President Trump is secretly fighting a "cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic, child molesting/child-sex predators" which includes the Democratic Party, Hollywood insiders and "deep state allies." Not to mention about six billion individuals the loons don't approve of, for any one of hundreds of reasons. Like being Gay or Jewish or Hispanic... They've conjured many 'valid' reasons to hate every single category they put people in...


Yippee-ki-yay Hooray!


I'm laughing too hard to type! The Buffoonery has been going on too long. I hope they convict the Maroon! I hope his TwoDigit Minions react with typical TwoDigitery... enough to forever prove what they are... to the entire world! People like this have every right to exist, but they can't be taken seriously ever again!!!

And yet... somehow... it will be forgotten. This play has been put on stage many times in many places throughout the world. Humanity will learn nothing from the last four years.

The impeachment trial plays silently in the background on a giant TV... I don't need to listen to it... the politics of the last impeachment was more than enough...

Jacob Chansley, you are the Bafoon's Bafoon! Thank you for the laughter.

They're going to lock you up for a long time. Not for your minor crimes, but for the stupidity you represent.