Gary Rinsem

Duck And Cover
Ad Nauseam Virus
A lesson never learned
in thousands of years.


All across the nation, the moronic irrational hateful superstitious garbage of McCarthyism... still ruled main stream society even into the early 1970s.

Act 1: McCarthyism

Exactly at noon every single Saturday the sirens were tested for one minute. About a mile apart in every city and town across the country, they could be clearly heard by everyone except those living in a rural setting. The sirens had nothing to do with warning the population about a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The evil godless commie Ruskies were not going to use nuclear missile to destroy thousands of small towns in the middle of our nation. As a small child I heard adults discussing the incredible stupidity of the sirens. Nobody with the ability to think for themselves believed Arizona was a target of the godless commie Ruskies, and none of them believed the hate-filled religious lies of McCarthyism.

This desk will protect you from Atomic Bombs, but only if you "Duck and Cover!"

As young as I can remember the school played a similar siren in the classrooms. It resulted in instantaneous chaos. Some children screamed in terror as we all scrambled to "duck and cover." There was always sudden and horrific noise accompanying the duck and cover, more than just the screaming of a few children. I recall the racket of 30 desks sliding against the floor and a brainwashed teacher immediately yelling instructions. In the panic, books and papers and pencils and erasers landed on the floor as 30 young children fearfully dove under the desks. For a full minute while the siren screamed, we were kept pointlessly kneeling under the desks in a fetal position with fingers interlaced across the backs of our heads. The teacher ranted brainwashing about things the evil commie Ruskies were doing to cause the panic. It always involved nuclear missiles and the moronic claim that duck and cover was the only way that the evil Ruskies wouldn't KILL US.

I had two recurring nightmares involving school. I still remember them vividly.

The short nightmare was me arriving at school late, the class was already seated. I opened the door and felt a draft. I wasn't wearing pants. Every kid's face was staring below my waist. The girls all saw my pee-pee. It happened often. I woke up in terror and slept no more on those nights. This nightmare stopped terrorizing me near the end of sixth grade, when I liked the idea of the girls I knew... looking at my pee-pee.

The long and truly terrifying nightmare began in the garage as I slowly strapped books to the sissy bar on my bicycle. Riding down the driveway I quickly noted the complete lack of sound. There was no traffic noise from a major road a few houses away. There was no wind and no birds chirping or flying, no cats in the yards and no sign of life in any of the houses. The streets were always filled with other kids on their way to school, but not in this nightmare, not a single sign of life anywhere. The trip was a half mile, but each turn of the crank of my pedals was in slow motion terror as I looked around at nothing but deathly silence throughout the familiar scene of my neighborhood. Fear built to extreme levels as I approached the school. There were no kids on the playground, no bikes in the rack. Walking between two buildings I found them lined up against the walls, in duck and cover position. They were everywhere. They were burnt into black crispy hulks. Hundreds of them. This nightmare began in third grade and lasted through sixth grade. It struck often and always just before time to wake up for school. School on those days was filled with images of burnt children in duck and cover. They were everywhere until I went to sleep on those nights. The entire situation was created by McCarthyist jackals.

Act 2: Ad Nauseam Virus

Over a year ago, with honest intent, a similar situation slowly developed. The result of low intelligence and abject ignorance, this problem has at least SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE pointlessly hanging cloth over their faces. Vast numbers were in constant FEAR for the first six months of mask hysteria. It is unbelievably MORONIC.

The entire world's medical community spent the first few months nonstop reporting... no need to wear a mask that was less effective than the N95 standard. N95 masks pass particles 3 times the size of the virus. A random piece of cloth passes particles a thousand times the size of the virus. Every instant in time a million of the virus can pass through each of the openings in the checkerboard pattern of openings in the weave of that pointless piece of cloth. WEARING THOSE PIECES OF CLOTH IS PURELY MORONIC. The CDC began misdirection of this issue with talk about "large droplets." Wake up. Think for yourself. Study the issue. "Large droplets" is pure idiotic garbage by morons intent upon finding a way to justify mask hysteria... even with obvious proof that the pointless cloth on people's faces... cannot filter the virus.

Since the beginning of mask hysteria there have been news reports of masses of people with mental illness issues about it. What I've never seen is a report of fearful young children. They endlessly report fact about school schedules and closures, but I've seen nothing about young children's fears over mask hysteria. We're certainly creating a generation who will live their lives with the memory of this PURELY MORONIC FEAR.

I wrote this today because the governor just removed his moronic order requiring little kids to hang pointless cloth on their faces. Did that idiot finally figure out the stupidity of mask hysteria? If so, he gets no brownie points after all the damage done by his moronic executive orders.

Now... guess what! School districts are ignoring the moron governor and continuing the pointless terrorizing of young children.

The average IQ in the U.S. is 98. It's obvious that society is guided by a mass of people far below the average IQ.

5-4-2021 UPDATE:

I talked to a woman today who told me about her ten year old son. He keeps getting sent home with bad doobie reports for not correctly wearing the pointless piece of cloth moronically hanging on his face. She carried on for some time about the stupidity the schools are inflicting on children. It's extensive and beyond anything I could have guessed. She also confirmed the concern I wrote above, that kids are being traumatized by moronic mask hysteria.