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2007 - 2015

2-08-2022 Today I stumbled upon a fact on Wikipedia which stirred some memories in me.

I discovered that Maxine Marshall died in 2015. Mind you... it's sad that people are mortal and all will die, but it's far less sad when that person lived a full and respectable life. Jonathan and Maxine Marshall were a couple I feel fortunate to have known, briefly and only shortly before their individual deaths. I didn't know them well or for long, but I have a story to tell none the less. Important to me alone, I'm certain. My wife Susan took a job which I told her not to accept. From the advertisement it was obvious that it was a bad situation. Sometimes there is a distinct air of impropriety surrounding a person. This guy raised giant flags with his help wanted add. Susan didn't see it for about six months. He was using her for illegal dealings. One day she caught him with her forged signature on legal documents. Susan quit the job and came straight home to discuss the possible repercussions. Susan was looking at job ads again. Her attitude was a bit different now, since she'd seen my nearly precise predictions come true on the other job. Susan accepted my advice and spent weeks applying for jobs, but this time they were only the jobs which we agreed upon. On her return from a job interview I asked how it went. Susan's description of the situation sounded perfect for her. A sort of personal assistant, care provider and friend to an elderly couple. She'd be working in their home not far from our home. It looked like an ideal situation. Then Susan mentioned their names. Jonathan and Maxine Marshall. I grew up in Scottsdale and still live here. Anyone who knows anything about Scottsdale history, or Arizona history for that matter, will know the names Susan spoke. Too excited for words really, but I managed to blurt out "You have to work for them. You have to get this job!" It took a great deal of discussion and multiple internet searches before she understood my excitement. They were the most honest and decent people imaginable. Susan was the person they were looking for. She quickly started the job with the Marshalls. I routinely gave Susan rides to and from work. Many times she wasn't ready to leave and I found myself invited to wait in the Marshall's living room. Jonathan and Maxine were an interesting pair with many fun and amazing stories to tell. Jonathan's health was very poor, but his outlook was good and he liked to reminisce high points from his life. The Marshals sponsored a lecture series at ASU. Susan and I went as their guests. The lectures were a bit odd, but entertaining. Jonathan was writing his autobiography. Susan and I were given drafts of chapters to read with the request that we'd share our thoughts. Honestly, I was more than a little bored with it. There was one memorable story and it came with a request from Jonathan. He asked for suggestions to name the book. Susan and I agreed on a name after reading that story. The book should be called "Racing Einstein." It's a silly name because Einstein has nothing to do with Jonathan's life, yet still it seemed appropriate because his life was an endless intellectual race. In that sense he was racing Einstein. It was a race far beyond the story of himself as a child in a sailboat race with Einstein. I'm disappointed that his book wasn't given the name we suggested. I thought is was clever. Perhaps too obscure. Susan worked for Maxine another four years after Jonathan died, until her health issues forced her to quit in 2012. Many times I sat and talked to Maxine as she pet the dog the staff gave her. They were right, Maxine's outlook improved with the dog's companionship. After Susan died I got sporadic phone calls from Maxine. I think she just wanted someone who understood her grief over losing Jonathan. Each call began with Maxine telling me a story about Susan, or remembering a visit with me. I would have gone to see her if she'd asked. The phone calls stopped abruptly. Today I found a note on Wikipedia telling me that Maxine died in 2015, about the time her phone calls ended. Long ago I assumed that was the case. A quick search revealed this ASU tribute page to Maxine. Susan is in the first picture with Maxine and one of her sons. He was a nice guy, but I don't recall for sure if he's Robert or Jonathan. I think Robert. ASU Tribute (with Susan's picture)

It made me smile today when I found this picture of Susan at the link above. I'm fairly certain this is their son Jonathan, looking a bit unsure of Andy on his arm. I'm fairly certain these boys are their grandsons. I met them once about 15 years ago, so I'm not positive. Everybody likes to play with Andy Bird!