Gary Rinsem

Gone Bananas
by Gary Rinsem

Are you speaking slowly?

Do you recall Magilla Gorilla?

As a bit of whimsy, I offer the following pictures of bananas. This entire site is best experienced from the faster realm perspective where bananas make cents within the universe's natural absurdity in light of human complacency and frigid dogma confronted by nothing but an endless string of even more bizarre dogma until the point is reached where pictures of multiple bananas become whimsical within a simple web site about love while within another context bananas would be blasé. Testify brothers and sisters and others! The answer awaits your question.

Do I really have to say it?

OK, they're coconuts for the same reason the others are bananas. Up next, Zucchini and baked Kohlrabi! On a bed of pasta! With grated parmesan and garlic bread! Apple pie and ice cream for desert...