Gary Rinsem

Bird Pics
by Gary Rinsem

A very rare Poochatoo

There were many rescued parrots in our lives for many years. Far more came and went, rescued, rehabbed and re-homed as their circumstances dictated. There were fourteen in the house when Susan died, and I wasn't expected to live long either. Andy, Eddie, Tyler and Angel were special. They stayed as long as possible, with Andy, Eddie and Tyler still taking up most of my time five years after Susan died. They've been gone to new homes since 2018. The house still seems strange without their voices constantly talking to me.
Andy Bird
Why do they all have the same last name?

Here's a page about Andy Bird. It tells all a person could need to know about incredibly intelligent non-humans.

Insanely happy bird. Andy dancing on the fence.
Taking a walk.
You always know what Andy is thinking, or do you? Sneaky!
Andy in the talking orange tree, in our backyard. Many birds spent hours talking in there.
Opening Christmas presents.
Pet Smart Santa was a lady Andy knew, but he couldn't figure out her voice coming from this guy.
The Rose Garden at Scottsdale Civic Plaza, waiting for strangers to come play with them.
Fountain Hills Art Festival, waiting for strangers to come play with them.
A great many people entertained the birds we rehabbed. This Andy pic was with a couple in Old Town Scottsdale. We ran into them several times, years apart.

Eddie Bird
Why do they all have the same last name?

Eddie was one of the saddest rescues ever. The horrors he suffered are indescribable. His feet were atrophied to a short broken metal perch. He could not stand because his toes would not straighten out. He was so afraid of people that we had to tear apart the horrific wire cage that held him as a prisoner. Susan spent weeks with Eddie wrapped in a towel (due to his fear it was the only way to hold him) while she massaged his toes. He hadn't made a sound until one day... go to the Bird Video Page to see what the rest of his years with us were like. Eddie got happy very quickly once he accepted that we would not hurt him.

Eddie spent many hours many times, pruning the orange tree from the inside. Tearing apart oranges usually got him a bath later.
A pizza party at Ed's house, sausage removed of course.
How about corn on the cob? Eddie always got excited pulling into KFC.
A place called Chuy's. The staff loved them. They always brought cups of rice, beans, veggies, fruit and cheese.
NO flying in the house! It never ended well, not enough room for him. Andy, Tyler and Angel did well. Tyler could fly down the hall to hit you in the back as you walked away. Her wingspan was the width of the hall.
Gimme a break, it was Sue who took photos in front of the Christmas tree.
A new friend for Eddie at Christmas on Mill Avenue in Tempe. Several restaurants on Mill loved the birds. Our bill was often torn up in the hope we'd return to entertain another batch of their customers.
One is always afraid of Santa.

Tyler Bird
Why do they all have the same last name?

Tyler was a very lucky bird. She was hatched by an idiot on his kitchen table, because he was too cheap to buy a bird. Eggs cost less. On the flipside, he devoted himself to her for 22 years. That alone is far more than most captive parrots ever get. He was an oddball who died in a helicopter accident. I never knew what to make of him. I always suspected everything he said was a lie. With that understanding, he claimed to have been a Navy fighter pilot and that Tyler had flown with him, supersonic... That would likely make Tyler the only cockatoo to ever fly supersonic... Mark had a picture of a Navy fighter jet in flight with a white splotch on the pilot's shoulder. He claimed the white splotch was Tyler. He also had cockpit pictures where the instrument panel was covered in Tyler pics...

Tyler also liked having her nails done.
Christmas tree picture. It took Susan many hours to get a few good pictures.
Excited and screaming her battle cry, "off we go into the wild blue yonder."

Angel Bird
Why do they all have the same last name?

Angel very quickly fell in love with me. She thought I was her mate and became VERY sexually frustrated. She was denied the normal childhood, where parents would have the talk about people and the bees. Angel didn't know the first thing about sex, only that I wasn't fulfilling my husbandly duties... Frustration caused violent outbursts against me... I was always bloody around Angel.

She even talked in her sleep. Sometimes very loud.
Angel yelled "Crazy Girl" right before lunging at you so you'd think she was going to bite. She just liked the way people reacted.
Angel at home.