Gary Rinsem

Car Pics
by Gary Rinsem

There was a period of my life when I loved cars. I never had anything really special, odd, but not special. I just enjoyed the freedom that came with a car.

Not MY first car, but it sure looks like it. Somebody put a vast amount of time and money into restoring a 1972 Ford LTD. Go figure.
Search engines have become amazing at locating what you want.
This is a LTD Brougham interior. Mine was ten levels above this. It had a special interior that only a few cars got.
1957 Ford Fairlane.
I had no money to make it right.
Enjoyed it for a while.
Insanity is defined by 2200 pounds and 550 horsepower.
Top speed of 99 miles per hour, but did it in record time.
The rear tires went much farther than the rest of the car.
My all time favorite motorcycle. The tires said not to exceed 175 mph, so I didn't. Bought new, I immediately bumped it up another 25 hp. Still not enough, couldn't get the front tire in the air above 90 mph.
A Chevy Impala. Worthless at the time because it had four doors. Now they're a prize to car people. It was long low slow and cheap.
I had several Ford Torinos. They were a $200 car, with good tires. Bad tires and you had to pay the scrap yard to take one. Nobody would put $300 worth of tires on a $200 car. I got this one for $100 in Long Beach.
This is Throckmorten 2, it had a label on the side that said Throckmorten 2. AKA the DORFMOBILE. Dad always switched the letters D & F in Ford on the hood, to make em read DORF.
Throckmorten was a mystery word. Dad would never say what it meant. He finally told me shortly before he died. It was the name of a character in a movie. Dad just liked the sound of the word.
The Mud Hut parking lot about 1981. It often looked like this, sometimes more.

I've had many other vehicles, but no pictures of them. My car fixation ended while I was in the Navy.