Gary Rinsem

Hobby Pics
by Gary Rinsem

Three of us worked together to build two of these locomotives. Really, it was one man with two helpers. We had a lot of fun doing it.
These are at McCormick RR Park in the late 80s.
Wish the pics were better and they weren't black, so the detail would show.
We tried to take build photos. It's harder than you'd think.
Engine and hydraulic pump. Nice and pretty with fresh paint.
Last attempt to show they looked realistic.
This was the first of many antique engines projects. I resurrected it from beyond. There's a large international community of people who do this. You may have seen exhibitions at car shows.
Most of my pictures were lost in a hard drive failure. This is another of only a few hobby pics I have.
I was the caretaker of this steam powered crane, because I was the only person with the experience and foolishness for the task. Months of work got it operating one weekend. The last time ever.
A bad Picture of my John Deer model B tractor. Yes, it looked like it was painted with a mop.
Greg's Gibson garden tractor in my front yard. About 1990.
And there's Greg sitting on it.