Gary Rinsem

People Pics
by Gary Rinsem

I don't have many pictures of people, most were lost years ago. The first three pics are three of my four most prized possessions. Three of the four deepest loves of my life, and it's all I have.

Tami's mother took these 1977 prom pictures. I can't thank her enough for giving me two. My senior prom pics look much better than Sue's. She was jealous of mine.
My memory of the moment is intense. It's vivid still after 45 years, because of the pictures.
The Tiniest Sailor posing in front of my bike. The love of our lives is taking her picture, during a bad 80's hair period. I was inside the coin laundry taking their picture. Downtown Long Beach in late 1984.
I promised a niece running a train and here she is. Kelly at about six years old.
If you zoom in you can tell she went to the face painting booth at Railfair. It was probably October 1987.
Kelly spent hours on the train. I kept operating it, hauling public passengers so she could stay and ride with me. I was relieved when she wanted ice cream.
Kim and me and Ralph. Exploring near Prescott.
Kim and Ralph's wedding, with Greg on the right.
Here's another one of Ralph, and the back end of my favorite motorcycle. I could get home from Long Beach in no time on that bike. The trip cost almost nothing.
Blackmail pictures from Lon's bachelor party at Minder Binders. We got kicked out. I thought you could do anything there.
He was to drunk to know his name. A man complained when Lon barfed in the urinal trough next to the man's stream of pee, then fell in face first. More than anything else, that man may have been upset with me taking pics in the men's room.
We all took turns recruiting women to flirt and kiss him, for blackmail photos. At his begging, I destroyed the worst of them, including his nude shots by the Scottsdale Hilton swimming pool.
Me, Annette and Susan, Thanksgiving at Dan and Dan's house.
Sue, Me, Andy and Sam. Yes, I was always covered in bird.
Remodeling, building the linen closet where there was a water heater compartment and small shelves next to it.