Gary Rinsem

Wheelchair Videos
by Gary Rinsem

I heard the complaints of a large group of men about how much their lives suck in a wheelchair. One thing they agreed on was that they can't even go to a park because the bathrooms are not ADA compliant. The first video is my response to that complaint.
Some problems can be overcome with equal helpings of money, creativity and labor. It obviously won't work for every disability, but nothing will. It has a 40 mile range and cost $2,600 to build. A wheelchair like no other, it weighs less than 100 pounds and cruises at 18 miles per hour. It easily goes places no other wheelchair can go and does it without even slowing down.


25 Sec. Park Bathroom - 2015 Down the sidewalk, through the grass, up the hill, through the door, around the corner and out of sight, all faster than most people on a bicycle.
3 Min. At The Skate Park - 2015 So much fun. Nothing slows it down.
10 Min. One Morning - 2015 Three miles. Around Tempe Town Lake, through the park, down the sidewalk past businesses, up Mill Ave in the street, across the Mill Ave bridge and a bit beyond. All faster than a bicycle.
12 Min. Cruising The Park - 2015 First half of a high speed wheelchair trip through the park.
7 Min. Cruising The Park - 2015 Second half of a high speed wheelchair trip through the park.