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by Gary Rinsem
September 2020

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1. the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes

“And it's inside myself that I must create someone who will understand.”
Clarice Lispector

June 2001 Profile

When asked about myself I reply,

Alien Me

A catastrophic fire at the adoption agency has left me unable to determine the location of my home planet. My natural perception of this society has left me with the conclusion that my home planet is a far distant place. It's a planet located in a much brighter part of the universe.

On my home planet, having two legs or six is no more important than the color of your skin or to which of the multitude of genders you subscribe. Conformity is scorned as the socially detrimental oddity which it so obviously presents itself as on this planet. Individuality and thinking are honored and revered beyond all else, not suppressed and persecuted. The phrase "Everybody does it" has never been uttered.

On my home planet, there is but one society and one common goal, the pursuit of knowledge. Individuals have individual goals but society is bent on understanding the nature of time. It's the last frontier after millennia of pure social intellectualism. The notion that time is merely one observable effect of a much greater phenomenon, is being investigated on the same global scale as all the previous pursuits.

On my home planet, people are not conditioned from birth to obey, they are encouraged to challenge. The result is a society which itself is able to think. Not as a collective good and not as it's own entity which must be served. The direction taken by society is controlled by all members equally. Special interest groups do not exist and could never manipulate perception of reality for their own benefit over other people.

On my home planet, overpopulation is not an issue. One result is harmony with nature, another is peace among individuals. The beautiful rain forests and redwoods are both untouched, accepted as far too valuable in their natural state, as are deserts and oceans, mountains and canyons. There has been no new development of natural areas for thousands of years. The population understands that the destruction of the environment is the end of their society. There is no doubt that comprehension is the key to survival.

On my home planet, there is no mind numbing self indulgence masquerading as individual right. There is no waste. Recycling is seen for what it is, the last and most desperate of the three R's. Reduce and Reuse are far more valuable concepts with recycling a disgraceful act of waste.

On my home planet, the people are not the problem. What little government there is, is devoted only to assisting the few who are unable to care for themselves. Instead of massive war machines built by hundreds of governments, wasting limited resources, there is peace and harmony.

On my adoptive planet, there is none of the above and no chance remaining for it to come true. We have turned the corner, destroyed the environment beyond quick repair, wasted the planet's resources and overpopulated far beyond limits. Perhaps we'll try again in a few thousand years, but for now we're done, grasping at straws which are all the short straw. On behalf of all humans, I offer my apologies to planet Earth and my sincere sense of disgrace for what is the best we have been able to accomplish.

Paaarteaon dood!