Gary Rinsem

by Gary Rinsem
Edits 2020

  • Do Wah Diddy

"True love can't be overlooked, it's undeniable. If you don't know that you've found true love, then you haven't. You have to be ready or it'll never come."

How many types of crushes are there Culture seems to only know one while I know three.

Romantic crush is what's socially recognized and often explored in TV and film. I experienced it one time, in 8th grade. Fifteen years later she called with a lunch invitation to tell me she'd had a crush on me back then. What might have been if only we'd told each other. I saw her for lunch again years later. We still had fond feelings for each other. I worry about her, it's been too many years since we last spoke on the phone.

Lust crush is the second type. Different than a standard case of lust, which passes quickly. Crushes don't go away and I can't concentrate on anything else while they're around. Fortunately, most of my lust crushes are for celebrities so they've never caused any problem.

Intellectual crush is the troubling kind. I want to spend every moment of my life in deep conversation with the women for whom I hold intellectual crushes. I want to know their minds so completely that it would be impossible for them to have a thought that surprised me.

The three types of crushes have something in common, it's what makes them crushes. Regardless of the type, a crush is overpowering, consuming, inescapable and a wonderful part of life. They're also distracting, maddening, bewildering and everlasting. Like true love, true crushes never leave you. My first lust crush, for Lori Partridge, is still going strong since 1970 when I was eleven years old.

Crushes can be a real bitch