Gary Rinsem

Lori Partridge
(lust crush)

by Gary Rinsem

Crush In 1970
Written In The 1980s

  • I Think I Love You

“Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.”
George Carlin

I saw Lori Partridge answer the door naked. No doubt she was wearing clothes on the TV, but not in my head. She opened the door naked and invited somebody in. She stood naked talking to the person for a moment before my fantasy ended. More soon followed, but Lori Partridge is my most serious lust crush. A brief flash of that show is all it takes and I'm taken over by thoughts of her. She doesn't even need to be in the scene.

A group of boys heard about the movie Vanishing Point, with a naked girl riding a dirt bike in the desert. That's all we had to know for a plan to be formed. How could it not Hearing nothing more, I imagined 90 minutes of naked girl on my mini bike, stirring up dust. Several days filled with anticipation and it was finally Saturday. No more talk, time for naked girl on dirt bike. We all met at the pharmacy soda counter and caught a bus to the mall.

As memorable as naked girl was, she forever took a back seat to a clip in a coming attraction. Goldie Hawn jumped into my mind for good in a scene from Butterflies Are Free. Wearing nothing but bra and white panties didn't hurt, but the lust is all about that cute little half smirk half smile she carried throughout the scene.

(2020 Note: I finally saw Butterflies are Free recently. Downloaded and saved. It was incredible fun after a lifetime imagining what the movie might be about, based only on a very old memory of one short scene. Makes me happy.)

Lust crushes flowed free after the first two. Not the actors, the characters they played. I stopped developing new lust crushes after a couple years. I guess I had enough.