Gary Rinsem

A Memory That Lasts
by Gary Rinsem
August 1984

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Definition of free spirit...
A person who thinks and acts in an uninhibited way without worrying about normal social rules : NONCONFORMIST

We started out with no plan, just a free spirited goal for the day: "Make a memory that lasts." We didn't expect to reach our goal 500 feet in the air. The memory has lasted vividly while most others have faded.

Early Saturday morning we took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. The day was spent wandering around Seattle doing all manner of touristy things, with no opportunity for a memory that lasts. Late that night we were rushing to the ferry pier, to catch a ride back to our ship at the Bremerton Naval Station. We missed the last ferry, watched it sail away.

The seven of us decided against a motel room. Not much chance of reaching our goal there. We explored limited, almost pathetic night life in Seattle and had fun doing it. At 2 am we'd wandered a long way and found ourselves at the base of the Seattle Space Needle. Of course, it was closed.

Peering through a wall of glass into the darkened lobby, one of the girls pulled on the door. It was unlocked. Surprised and intrigued, the group of us timidly entered. We examined displays of trinkets for sale and descriptions of the Needle's history. A bit afraid of getting caught, we started to leave. Somebody got brave for a moment and went to the elevators. Rats, they're turned off. Nothing else to see, we went outside and sat on a planter.

We soon met the maintenance man who'd left the door unlocked while he ran a quick errand. The girls played catch with his libido long enough to prime him for a proposition. We got the elevators turned on for $125. Riding to the top we made our plan. Search the place to be certain we were alone, then make a memory that lasts.

The elevator door opened and we rushed out in every direction. There's far more to search than we'd imagined. Convinced we were alone at the top we went outside to the observation deck and stripped naked. From two until seven, we played and made love with a view of the city and Puget Sound. A rare night for Seattle, clear sky and full moon. Sunrise was a long, peaceful and breathtaking event. Two hours of the memory was spent enjoying the morning sun.

Walking a bit, we turned and looked up to where the goal had been filled, then searched for other opportunities to create memories. Seattle was good to us that weekend.

Ladies, in the unlikely event that one of you finds this page (then you'll all find it), memories are best served with pictures. I'll save you the trouble of searching. The last image is sized to be a phone wallpaper.

Seattle Space Needle observation deck in 1962

Here it is in 1984. It had a major overhauld recently. We actually made use of those benches, there were a bunch of them.

It was rebuilt again in 2018. It cost $5 million to build. They spent about $100 million on THIS overhaul! It looks amazing....

This image is intended to be a phone walpaper. Save it to your phone. It fits my screen resolution, but should be close enough for any modern phones to stretch. I think I'll use it for the month of August... an appropriate time.