Gary Rinsem

Various Usual Ramblings
by Gary Rinsem
September 2020

  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight

"Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess
Boy, you've been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down"
I Am The Walrus

I've never been the egg man. I wanted to be. Happy I'm not Lennon...

Similar to the stupid TV show, this is a page about nothing. My mind has lots of that to share, but sometimes something else slips out.

pensée noun

1: a thought expressed in literary form

not a system of ethics at all but simply a collection of maxims and pensées

The word is nerd,

Geeks bite the heads off chickens in the carnival freak show.

Foreign Films?


Reading a movie is like watching a book.

Gone With the Wind is a good book to watch. It would be silly to expect a surprise ending while watching this book.

How can you identify a man who has no self respect?

  • He'll Be Singing This Song

A Random Thought,

Knowledge happens automatically and continuously and you can't avoid it.

Comprehension requires honesty and objective effort. Ignore materialism to expand your mind as long as you live.

This is the meaning of life and it's all you get so stop wasting it.

Middle of a TV commercial:

Narrator: "I interrupt this commercial to bring you deep discounts."

What is it to be a free spirit?

It doesn't require belief in astrology as commonly portrayed in film. A free spirit isn't an air head or without commitment.

A free spirit is a person who thinks and acts in an honest manner, without regard for convention, without pretense, without deceit. A free spirit is likely to Love in the same way.

You might be a free spirit if you're genuinely happy at the end of nearly every day.

More Meaning Of Life,

Intellect is all you have.

It's the only thing that is real.

It's the only variance between animal and being.

It's the only item worthy of pride.

Demolition Man:

John Spartan: "But there's just one thing I wanna know..."

Lenina Huxley: "Hm?"

John Spartan: "How's that damn three seashell thing work?"

Mike, Kris, Kari and Kelly,

In the 80s my nephew and three nieces wrote the Rinsem family theme song. There was a verse describing each family member. All I recall is the first lines and that my verse had something to do with being in the Navy. It's sung as "The Addams Family" song...

  • Addams Family

The Rinsem Family started

When grandpa Rinsem farted

And now they're all retarded

The Rinsem family

Farted? That's not where babies come from.

On being a slut,

I suggest yes if you're not prepared to Love at the moment.

Don't wait for love to come to you, go find it when you're ready.

On thoughts of Vicki,

The one and only truly unique person I ever met, and my second true Love. We made one mistake each. Vicki's was incomprehensible and irreversible, it was our end and it destroyed her life...

Where is she today?

The joy of it all...

Intellectual pursuits... Do you understand? The answer is no... unless you can comprehensively define the subject in one concise sentence. Abstraction is best applied here. Absurdity is unavoidable.

"Without active intellect in the mind of an animal, we are nothing."

"Stoicism is the state of mind which allows a person to gracefully accept the reality of The Universe."

"Abstract Reality is a construct intended to convey the mental process used to discern reality."

"It is absurd to try defining The Universe in one sentence without entendre. The Universe is all there is. Required intentional entendre included."

"Life is masturbation, without contemplation."
"Without contemplation, life is masturbation."

Demonstration of subtlety of entendre, can be entendrous. The joy of it all...

The horrors humans commit... start here,

Ignorance and evil flourish in the absence of truth. There is little value in knowing the truth without speaking it. Speak it loudly and obnoxiously to overpower the lies of evil in society.

Reintroduction to Intellectual Psychedelia,

The only meaningful life
is perpetual thought experiment.

A challenge calls,
the dare is there.

Answer the reintroduction.
If you still can.

Mental-manifestations of,
the Pure Thought Experience,
the anti-thought experiment.

Psychedelia continued,
a long time past.

Branches of the ancient willow,
allow cold rain to pass.

Two Bunnies and a puppy,
play naked in the grass.

A dream forevermore,
and a lifetime past.

Olds Tornado,
idling in the street.

Butterflies at heart,
smiles keep them flightless.

Invite the lonely,
leaving empty.

Determinism grounded,
Stoicism at it's side.

Distance now,
allows them to relax.


Reply in kind,

Inside Herman's Head,

Herman's Head? What was I thinking? I liked that show. I must have been taken over by body snatching aliens. That or YouTube is playing episodes of a Herman's Head parody show.

Snail Mail Spam, on the envelope,


Stamped in bold red letters at an angle,


Aw C'mon, you don't see funny all over that? It doesn't even get a smile?

Update: Susan died over seven years ago and I still get spam mail for her. Today it was an exact copy of the letter sent to me six months ago. Like me, Susan never got a "FIRST" notice. Now seriously... still not funny?

Update #2: The joke continues. Another six months later... it came again in Nov 2021.

If you still don't see funny in this, then get to the emergency room fast! You need immediate treatment by a humourologist.

(this was fun... online mass mailing cost estimators... gave me a quick idea of what it costs... the total is slightly over $1 per letter! I expect they're sending millions of these! Ever wonder why your insurance is so expensive? They also pay for ENDLESS TV commercials. Don't be surprised when you hear that a huge percentage of lobbyists in congress, are lobbying for the insurance industry. You don't wanna know the cost of that. I think they have to report it... that's public record. I'll look it up the next time I get this funny letter.)

It's the next day... Got another from them. Anybody foolish enough to do business with an insurance company that wastes this much of the money you pay them, deserves the rip-off they get.

Three lamented lost desires, each a book never to be written

- The Definition Of Intimacy -
This is the most tangled mess of an idea imaginable. If written it could do as the title suggests, define intimacy in such a complete manner that the book would be on every bookshelf in the world.

- The Most Important Corner -
A book about Love without bounds, its a cute and free spirited group biography. It would be boring to anyone not a resident of "The Corner," and pornographic to many more.

- The Story That Can't Be Written -
Too psychedelic to be comprehensible. It's fun to read, but it takes a special mindset to follow along. Unrelated literary imagery paints a picture of a mental state, which can be experienced but not defined. You'll see it if I post what's written, but will you understand?

Two more books begun but not yet done.

- What Color Is Red -
A book about the basics of deep intellectual intimacy. About a hundred pages done, with another two hundred to go. It won't be finished. I don't have the skill to do it justice. I stopped working on it when I realized it wasn't good enough, and I have no idea how to make it better. The plan was to begin boring to some degree and build throughout with a style of increasing complexity. It results in a crescendo of pure thought when the concepts are joined together in the last chapter. That's the plan, but who can write it? My attempt falls flat in chapter four.

- Delight -
A book about many things and only one thing. Confusing as hell to read yet a joy to write. I wrote it several times, each in a very different manner. Only those who'd experienced Delight were able to follow the basics in the book, regardless of the manner in which I presented the book's concepts.

Together as a set, these five books were intended to make a statement about life. To answer the mother of all questions and incite intellectualism in the reader.

Mind to Mind, deeply gone,

Words have three meanings, what is said, what is heard and what is intended.

Beauty is when all three are deliberately different while clearly understood. You can't not Love that person.

Phil can be fun if you let him,

Blaise Pascal is to philosophy as Alanis Morissette is to music.

Only difference, Alanis figured it out and laughed at herself in a healthy way.

Pascal died tragically while still failing to understand his many foibles.

Niece And George,

  • Play The Song

It was 1989 or 1990 when my sister called. Panicked and desperate she needed a place to leave her daughter for a few hours. I was installing a new giant hard drive in my PC, probably around 100mb, it cost a fortune. I couldn't wait to get it all set up and running my favorite DOS software, with plenty of room for every bit of my digital life.

As I set up my new drive my niece, clearly on a five pound sugar high, continually ran throughout the house screaming the George of the Jungle theme song... WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE was repeatedly followed by a thud, made by her body slamming into a wall. This continued ceaselessly for hours. It's OK, she was entertained and I couldn't stop laughing at each and every thud.

Close to done with my new hard drive it was time to name it. I chose George. In all the years since, I've named every hard drive, every computer, every router, every network, every cell phone... mine or not... work computers and work phones... customer's industrial equipment... friends stuff... anything I could had it's label changed to George instead of a random number generated by software. George was everywhere. The phone I'm typing this on is about number 20 to be named George. I've had 30 years of fun remembering those thuds... I look forward to my next George.

George Of The Jungle
Episode 1, September 9, 1967
George in The Sultan's Pearl
Super Chicken in The Zipper
Tom Slick in The Bigg Race

Speaking of multiple meanings,

How much Camus is too much Camus?

Answer: Far more than Pascal.

I know you, go ahead, try to tell me you're not smiling right now. You miss subtle triple entendre. Think faster and speak slowly. And if you're here Bev, you understood this when you were nineteen. Now... Lets talk, a lot.

Think faster and carry a big stick?
(A journal entry in late 2001)

The big stick was an intervention, aka, Chicken In The Park, May 2001.

Chauffeured on the mysterious insistence of the group, I was at their mercy and without a clue. The ride was made to seem like a friendly outing. It had a purpose, they wanted me dependent on them and the plan they'd hatched.

A wonderful late afternoon together was spent exactly as anticipated, as tradition dictated, talking and laughing over memories of the past and expectations for the future. Except for one oddity. There seemed to be an unspoken theme to the day, one they'd all agreed upon in advance. The feeling gnawed at me until dusk, just before our critical moment of sunset when I figured out what was different about this year.

I asked what they were up to and got denial at first. They relented when my demands grew serious, when they couldn't smile away my suspicion that they'd all been working together toward a secret goal. My close friends decided six years was long enough to mourn the death of BB. They'd planned the celebration to be a subtle intervention, where they thought they could manipulate my emotions into acceptance of a new relationship.

Nikki and Erica are coworkers and roommates and free spirited best friends who share their bed with a third whenever they find one. They're not exclusive and not romantically bonded. They are far too young for me, I suspect early twenties. They claim mid thirties.

After ten minutes of silence as the sun set, I was introduced over the phone to Nikki and Erica. The girls led up to the call with stories about them, insisting I'm a match to Nikki and Erica's outlook. Turns out they were right, we've become very close in five months. I just wish they'd turn off the horrid music. It leaves no doubt about their true age.

Several times in the weeks after CITP 01, the ladies assaulted my house like a swat team. Bringing food and a party attitude they got me to set up and start playing on three dating web sites. I resisted, they were relentless. Back to being as sluty as I was in my early twenties, except dating sites are far more fun than bars and restaurants and malls. Minder Binders and Lonegans got nothing on this.

2020 Note: Sue read this on my computer in 2005. She told me her girlfriends did the same with her, perhaps without planning it. They'd been to her place looking over dating prospects and giving suggestions. When we met I'd been enjoying that scene for several years. Sue was far too uptight, too square. She hadn't accepted a single date or even a phone call.

2001 A Space Odyssey,

Thanks to YouTube I finally saw this 1968 movie about 2001 in 2020. The video was messed up, acts put in random order. It sucked. I wanna actually see the movie.

It was the only movie I ever asked to see as a child. My mother's religion denied it to me when Randy Fisher told her the opening sequence involved apes showing intelligence. I wasn't allowed to see it because of that.

UPDATE: I found a correct version of it online. At 61 I finally get to watch 2001 in 2020 after waiting since 1968 when I was 10. A childhood dream is about to become reality as soon as the right moment arrives...

Society's Source,

I'm betting it's a question you never asked, but what is Rankine Cycle?

It's by far the most critical factor in industrialized society, yet few people even know it's name.

People mostly know the terms internal combustion, four cycle, two cycle and diesel. They refer to the engines we often depend upon for mundane tasks, or while water skiing.

On the flip side, William Rankine is the person to thank for all of modern society. He invented the Rankine cycle, one design for an external combustion engine.

While slightly reduced in recent years, by environmentally friendlier options, Rankine cycle is still by far the most responsible for the electricity which fuels human life.

Remove Rankine cycle engines and everything we take for granted, ends at very nearly the speed of light from it's distance to the generating station. That's a very very quick end to everything that is needed by humanity.

The lives of all but the most remote small groups of primitive people, are 100% dependent upon electricity. Absolutely everything requires it to exist in quantities sufficient to support billions of humans.

Millions would die within days. Billions would perish in a few short months without electricity. It's the only single feature of the modern world upon which all else depends... and precious few even know it's name.

All hail William Rankine!


Growing up you were more a family member to me than my own family. You counseled, advised, nurtured and watched over me as if I were your own. You always spoke to me as a person rather than as a child. I had two fathers.

I lied the last time we saw each other. Truth is... I only had the harmonica you gave me as a child, for a few days. My younger brother stole it from me and gave it to his friend. I knew how sentimental a gift it had been, how important it was to you that I keep it in your memory, so I lied when you asked if I still had it. At least I remembered you giving it to me and the story behind that keepsake. I hope I was convincing. I hope you believed me. I hope you died thinking I would be reminded of you through your prized harmonica.

Love and endless respect,
Gary Rinsem

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