Gary Rinsem

Escher's Relativity
by Gary Rinsem

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"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement let me go upstairs and check."
M. C. Escher

Sometime in the 1980s a pony tailed tie-dyed peace loving pot smelling San Francisco hippie book store owner tossed a gratis copy of a book into the big canvas bag of used books being bought by a group of all but one female sailors who were all surprised by the explanation that a group of sailors deserved a bit of mind bending to go with their used books exploring sexuality which came as he gave them a well worn copy of a big coffee table book about M. C. Escher to engage their curiosity and get their minds off sex when their ship went back to sea an intuitive and kind and generous man was he plus, his wife was a love bead wearin spaced out tie-dyed hottie in patched-up worn out blue jeans and t-shirt they reminded the odd man out sailor of the couple from the cookie counter at the Mall back home lastly, roaming around thousands of musty old books were several freaky cats, but that's another short story I think they'd been smokin something one they called Cheshire, named for the cat or the cheese I don't know which

Now M. C. Escher I'm not his biographer so I'll give you a search link at the bottom of this page, to make it easy in case I pique YOUR interest. Escher requires study. He's not a five minutes and done subject. Tho five minutes is better than nothing, but whatever understanding you'd get is guaranteed to be wrong Oh Escher time to get on track In an age of beatniks reading poetry in coffee houses, M. C. Escher was a well rounded renaissance sorta man, with varied talents. Ooops, I'm biografee-ing him and that's not my intent. One of Escher's talents was impressive and it's mostly what he's remembered for. His art displays an obvious well I'll stop and let you look at three images and a fun video. All are VERY cool. Open the images in a new tab to zoom in and get a closer look. Turn your phone sideways to landscape mode and watch the video full screen. Where'd they get the idea for the movie It's a fun fantasy movie with dozens of Muppets type characters by Jim Henson. Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, there's a link below where you can watch it online for free.


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