Gary Rinsem

PS Tami
by Gary Rinsem

  • You've Got A Friend

There's a lot of nothing on this web site, but also something precious to me. The only important function is it's overall message to you.

Dear Tamara Jo,

I have many hopes. I'm unable to let go...

I hope your life has been filled with love and joy. I hope your marriage is happy and rewarding. I hope your dreams have been fulfilled.

I hope you've understood my message to you on these pages.

I hope you were surprised by each of the Easter eggs. Many of them rely on us still sharing certain memories, possibly making those eggs too obscure for you to recognize. I would love to know if you understood the big chrome Easter egg above, and the many others on these pages. I hope they stir memories in the near future and cause you to enjoy them when they're eventually remembered. I hope recalling old memories brings you back to explore Little Web Site again.

I hope you followed the link at the bottom of each page to get you here. You've seen it all if you did. The more of it you read, the more you learned about me. It's a strange autobiography, but any other format would be incredibly boring. I hope not all of this was boring.

I hope you send your sister a link to the page about her, and I hope that you tell your mother how much her prom pictures have meant to me all these years. Perhaps you'll email them to her.

I hope you'll text or email me before a phone call. I'd like us to reminisce and to share our life stories. Even after all I've given you here, there is much more of me to share, and all of you to share with me.

You've always had a friend in me. Someone you could confide in, someone you could rely on. If only you had known. If only I had given you enough reason to never forget.


I can't believe
I'm giving you this
without seeing you.
Don't go away,
click that link.
It's most important
to me.