Gary Rinsem

How Delightful Is Delight?

A simple challenge for the mind's eye
(teaser-promo or foreword?)

I assembled the passages below as an introduction to my book, named Delight. I like this assemblage, it shows the range of style and content I worked toward in Delight.
Delight is not a novel. It's not entertainment. You'll need to spend time to be Delighted.
Internet searches exploring the obscure things you read, should be continuous in chapter one. Pay attention to the common thread and bind the segments.
It's a book about thought. Thought is not the subject of the book. Delight intends to create thought. A specific construct placed in the back of the reader's mind. It's up to you to drag it to the forefront.
Could I be more cryptic? Everything about Delight is intentionally cryptic. It is exploration of a concept. There's no room for the mandatory exploration if Delight is spoon fed. "It's a thinker." The hoped for result is that the reader's comprehension of the concept will be comprehensive. (That line will make cents after you've been Delighted. Humour? Of course.)
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Chapter 1
A riddle wrapped in Psychedelia
"There has... never been found a story of George Boole trying to marry his horse, or his cousin's horse. There was rumor about a mare in a barn down the street. That rumor was never proven and she was a floozy anyway."
Chapter 1 Notes
"Did this chapter help you answer it's question? If not, you may be suffering the inverse of a von Neumann bottleneck, which is good since it's not hopeless, keep trying."
(humour is subjective)
Chapter 2
(perspective, roasted on a skewer made of mammoth bone)
"Notice over your right shoulder, Ugh enters the cave with a large club in his hand, his other hand dragging the young woman Whu by her hair. Typical you think, cavemen always dragging women around by their hair."
"The notions of time and perspective give rise to other revelations. Each tool added to their toolbox allows more complex revelations and allows them to happen faster, more accurately and with greater certainty."
Chapter 5
Dissecting Social Disorder
"O Sanity, Sanity!
Wherefore art thou Sanity?
Deny thy society
and accept thy reality."

Chapter 7
A Brighter World, Correcting Failure
"Sitting next to the ostrich was the author of a book which vaguely resembles philosophy, he bought the ostrich a hot lunch and the two of them discussed the single sentence definition of the universe."
Chapter 8
Evaluation Of Human Society?
"OK Horse, I promise not to try to marry you. What does marry mean?"

"It's called a horror story and it's never what you think it is."
Chapter 8 notes:

Dark Point Energy is my whimsy here, one of them. It's an amalgamation of two physics concepts, dark matter and zero point energy. The amalgamation is both, the concept and nomenclature. Nowhere near a theory, it's not even close to a hypothesis. DPE is a vague... that's enough, read the book to see the rest...