Gary Rinsem

Work Projects
by Gary Rinsem

I've always enjoyed the work I've done, even if I hated the employer. There's been a few of those.

I don't expect anyone will be interested in this, I'm just bored and creating web pages as I reminisce. These are a few of the projects I did. I'm very critical of my own work, always knowing it could have been much better if one or two things had gone differently. Click below for web pages.

Apollo A cell phone manufacturing fab I engineered and built and wrote the control software.
CNC Plasma A Plasma CNC Machine that I engineered and wrote the control software.
CNC Chop Saw I never saw one of these. I was contracted by a foreign government to write control software for the machines they were building.
Shield Tester A machine to test RF shielding of cell phones during the manufacturing process, that I... etc...
Battery Analyzer Engineered, built, wrote the software, etc...
GR TV Not really work, but along the same lines as my work. GR TV was my most successful freeware app for many years.
Navy Tools I did many things in the Navy which were far more impressive than this, but I couldn't take pictures.
I'd put more projects in here, but that's all I've got to show. There's much more, but nothing visual to add. Work was never important enough to me to document what I did.