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Plasma Cutting Table Accessories

Teach Pendant: $150 

The teach pendant connects to the controller and allows you to position the torch manually and program parts. You can add torch on/off commands, change tool speed and add points to the part file in lead through teach mode.

In tractor mode you can move and operate the torch. This is useful for cutting the waste off the end of a sheet or simple straight line cutting of stock.

A large digital readout display shows on the monitor to give exact torch position in both lead-through teach and tractor modes!

Teach pendants are included in the complete machine package.

Automation Torch Holder: $150 

Holder for standard automation torch. Allows easy torch height adjustment.

Laser Indicator: $50 

Mounts into the automation torch holder and allows very accurate positioning of the torch during lead through teach. Battery operated.

Torch Cable Boom: $75

Holds torch cables above machine and work area. Bolts to the machine with no drilling or modification. The torch cable boom is included in the complete machine package.