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 Plasma Software

The Plasma software is a 32 bit Windows® program used to create part files and perform machine control. Its intuitive graphical controls allow you to quickly and easily program part files.

Tool paths are programmed by Lead Through Teaching, drawing using the programs graphical user interface, manualy entering and importing G-code.

The Plasma program has a WYSIWYG user interface allowing the operator to know in advance what their part will look like, when the torch is on/off, tool speed, jog speed and more.
Tool paths and G-Code editor.

 The software is provided at no extra cost with every machine we sell and upgrades are FREE. When the software is improved you get the update at no cost.

This single program solution provides all these benefits:

Simple installation:
  All files in one folder
  Only the executable file is required
  NO external libraries required*
  No external software ( COREL®, AutoCAD®, etc.) required**
  NO modifications are made to your computer operating system.
  Uses serial port for communication to controller which makes it
  possible to use almost any 32 bit Windows PC for machine control.

Machine set-up (controller initialization).
  Microstep motor drivers run 1600 steps per motor revolution
  Current limits (Running and idle current limit values)
  Controller resolution is approx 0.0006" (inches of travel per step)
  The software automatically adjusts resolution values to match step mode used.
  Automatic homing routine to "Zero" all axis.
  Automatic calibration routine to set machine size and limits.

Backplot functions:
  Customize plot colors
  Option to only plot movements where torch is on
  File open dialog with plot preview
  Backplot in print preview dialog

    **You can import from external applications if you like.