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Welcome to Plasma Metal Craft!

Welcome to the web site of Plasma Metal Craft, the new leader in advanced Computer Numeric Control (CNC) plasma metal cutting systems.

Plasma Metal Craft manufactures the Plasma Cutting Table, a fast and easy to use shape cutting system used by fabricators and artisans to quickly and accurately cut metal parts.

If you are in the business of metal fabrication for industrial application or artistic creation, the Plasma Cutting Table can increase your profitability and production of cut metal parts without complicated set up or training.

The Plasma Cutting Table is a high quality plasma cutting machine with the easiest to use Windows® software available for cutting shapes in metal. We introduced the ease of Lead Through Teaching to affordable plasma machines!

Lead Through Teaching allows anyone to quickly and easily program artistic or very complex parts. The user simply leads the machine through and records positions, which define the part to be cut. With no prior knowledge of G-code editing, CAD or CNC, you can create complex part files. Copy existing parts, trace parts from existing artwork or drawings and then scale to any desired size.

The Plasma cutting system is built to last with all movement on hardened ways. The dual drive on the X axis provides stable precise movement for accurate cuts. The work envelope is greater than 4'X8'. The system includes the motor controller, torch interface, Windows® based software and many other features.

Look around, we are sure that you will find that Plasma Metal Craft offers the highest value in cutting systems on the market today!