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Plasma Metal Craft

Plasma Cutting Table Specifications:

Mechanical Specifications:
Nominal work envelope: 102" X 50"
Foot print: 66" X 114" (77" X 114" with optional torch cable gantry)
The Y gantry comes fully wired and assembled. The table and X-axis are fully fabricated and can be bolted together in less than an hour.
The Plasma Cutting Table has a gray powdercoat finish.

Electrical Specifications:
85-264 VAC, 47-440 cycle. 4 amp
32° - 95° F 0° - 35° C operating
32° - 122° F 0° - 50° C storage
0 - 90% RH non-condensing
All machine wiring is automation grade rated for >1 million flexes and is protected inside an industrial cable carrier.

System Requirements:
Windows 98®
Pentium® P200 or faster
32meg RAM
1 COM port
Keyboard and pointing device

Installation Requirements:

Connecting the plasma torch to the CNC controller should be simple. The PC needs to be able to turn on/off the plasma torch just like the manual switch on the torch handle. You will need to interface your torch to contacts provided on the controller. Your torch manual should contain this information. The manufacturer probably offers a machine torch interface kit. We recommend the use of a Hypertherm machine plasma torch system only. Use the Hypertherm interface cable part number 023206 REV F to connect the torch to the controller.

Consideration should be given to the material to be cut. If you are going to cut primarily thin gauge material, a lower amperage (20 to 40) plasma torch will probably suffice. This can save you money and help with fine line cutting. On the other hand, if your projects consist mainly of 3/16" and thicker plate, a torch of larger capacity will be needed. (60-80 amp).

You will need 110VAC for the controller and computer. 110 or 220VAC for your torch power supply, depending on model. If your torch system does not have it's own air compressor, you will need a source of clean dry air.

Use of a torch system other than the Hypertherm plasma torch system may result in electromagnetic or radio frequency interference with the controller.
We do not recommend use of any torch using high frequency start. These can cause RF interference in the controller when starting!

Plasma Metal Craft reserves the right to make changes at any time.