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Plasma Metal Craft
CNC Plasma Cutting Gantry System

Plasma Metal Craft's Plasma Cutting Table is a complete X-Y gantry cutting system. All motion uses hardened V-rails and a synchronous dual drive on the X axis to ensure accurate and smooth cutting.

The work envelope on the machine is greater than 4' X 8', allowing cuts to be made to the edges of large sheets of metal. The machine has jog speeds of up to 549 IPM and cutting speeds up to 180 IPM. Steel construction ensures long life and rigidity. Each machine is powder coat finished and equipped with leveling feet.

Every machine is assembled and tested before leaving our facility and comes wired for motion and limits. Connecting the controller is made easy by the factory wiring harness and keyed plugs. An output for the torch interface is included on the controller. The wiring is automation grade, rated at greater than 1 million flexes and is housed in industrial cable carriers for protection.

All complete machines come with the joystick teach pendant for easy lead-through teaching of parts and tractor torch operation.


Plasma Metal Crafts' Plasma Cutting Table requires no interface cards to be installed in your computer. Any computer running Windows 98 or better with a free COM port can run our machine.

Our proprietary controller system utilizes Simple Step LLC's newest controller and driver technology. 


Features and Benefits

Lead-Through Teaching:
Plasma is the easiest programming interface available for programming parts. It allows ANYONE to instantly program complex parts using the joystick interface included. No previous knowledge of programming or CNC code is required.

Running Horse
Running horse Programmed and cut
by a 10 year old girl in less than 15
minutes using Lead Through Teach!

Tractor torch operation:
Allows quick and easy panel cutting by allowing the user to operate the torch and move the machine manually using the joystick interface.

Motion on hardened V-rails:
Smooth, accurate and repeatable positioning of torch holder. The hardened rails ensure long life and stability. If a rail should become worn or damaged, they are field replaceable .

Field replaceable rack:
The drive rack is a field replaceable bolt on unit, not glued or welded to the gantry.

Dual X-axis drive:
Eliminates 'shake' in the X-axis and allows higher cutting speeds. Ensures accuracy and stability across the cutting area.

Large work envelope:
The work envelope is greater than 4' X 8', which allows cutting of large objects without indexing and moving the work in the machine. It also allows production cutting of smaller parts from full size sheets.

Heavy steel construction:
The machine table and gantry are made of thick wall steel tubing for long life, strength and rigidity. The machine is solidly built to allow handling of large sheets of material.

Simplified electrical installation:
All machine wiring is done at the factory. You simply connect the keyed plugs into the controller, connect the controller to your computer serial port and plug into any 110v outlet. A terminal strip on the back of the controller allows connection to your torch power supply.

Self calibration:
Upon first time power up, an automatic calibration routine sets the machine limits and home position.

User defined machine positions:
Users can set predefined torch positions to facilitate the loading and unloading of material and parts from the machine.

Use plasma or oxy-acetylene torch:
You can mount either plasma or oxy-acetylene machine torch heads and control the torch with the controller.

Grate Instructions:
We do not supply table grates with the machine. They are easy and inexpensive to fabricate, heavy and very expensive to ship. Since we are trying to provide you with the best value for your money, we do include instructions and part files to build your own grates. Also, you may want to build different style grates to suit your own needs. Prefabricated grates may purchased from McNichols Co.